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23rd November, it still holds a very important place in my life. Three years have passed but it still feels like yesterday. Like every other day, woke up early, ate food, watched television and went for classes, the day was totally indistinguishable from every other day of my life. But still that 5 seconds of sudden news left everything shattered for the rest of my life. Now 26 November has marked the day of my deepest grief.

It is said that death is inevitable, But for a 14 year old girl death seemed like a dissociated factor to her life. Never could that little girl had imagined to have lost the most precious charm of her life. But somewhere between these three years, she grew up. She didn’t stop crying but instead she learned to rub her own tears. She understood that slowly every petal of the flower will fall one day, and at the end it is only she who is left for herself.

If you are wondering who this person is, he is my Grandpa. I can’t describe enough how important was he to me nor will any amount of words fill in the gap and love that I wish to express on this day. It still hurts when every year I get close to this day, It pains to know that I haven’t even seen him past three years of my life. I don’t know how many of you all were/are close to your grandfather like I was.



Many emphasize to have a close relation till parents only, but grandparents hold their own importance. They are the foundation to every young child in this world. I still remember every little moment I have spent with my grandfather. Playing Jumble everyday in the newspaper, rubbing shaving cream over his face, laughing at the stupidity of our favorite Suppandi, cracking lame jokes, playing with birds, teaching tricks and techniques to do things and many more. Not to forget those long walks every time we went to the park.  

And just when these moments became memories, I understood how tough it is sometimes to just not be around someone. But between all these, I accepted that death and demise is a part of ones life.

I know that it is selfish and impossible to ask for him back, because people keep going and coming and we just can’t stop all. But the wounds and pains are still so fresh, they can’t be filled up anytime soon, probably they wouldn’t ever be filled up. And no one is asking you to fill them up either. Sometimes these little pains becomes our strength. It gives us the confidence to do better, not just for ourselves but for them, who are not with us right now but are up there in heaven praying for our betterment.

Today, I just don’t have much of positivity to share with you all, but I wanted to bring a very strong emotional connection with my readers, I am sure that you too miss that someone special of your life especially when you spent most of yours years with them. But just know that though they may not be physically near you, emotionally they are just placed right in your heart.


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Sharing is Caring-