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Decision making is a part and parcel of our daily life. Everyone can take simple decisions in life easily, yet when we come to taking important decisions we feel conflicted within ourselves. It becomes difficult to reach to a proper decision without a conflict. At such times, we try to wriggle out of the situation trying to avoid making decisions altogether.

Decision Making is a key to a successful life. When we are able to make a decision on our own, we are able to achieve greater success. Decision-making needs an organized approach. We have to develop the ability to think rationally more than emotionally. We have to take everything in context while making a decision. Sometimes smaller profit ventures have to be compromised for long-term gains.

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To make a decision successful, many facts need to be considered. Besides the main decision, many alternatives need to be screened along with their advantages and disadvantages. The decision will have a big impact so before making it try to make sure all the situations go through proper study and consideration. Don’t take any hasty decision just for the sake of making a decision, as other people too will be affected by it.

How to take Correct Decision?

There is no sure way of taking a correct decision, as the situation changes from time to time. But time and again it has been proved that rational decisions are more successful than emotional ones. For decisions taken in the emotional state are not based on facts.

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Dr. Roopleen in her book, “Principles of Success Made Easy” states some step for taking correct decision-

  1.  Be relaxed, keep your cool.
  2.  Understand the purpose of your decision.
  3.  Feed yourself with all possible information and examine facts.
  4.  Understand the problems involved.
  5.  Consider the options available, including the alternatives.
  6.  Look at the situation from the different point of view.
  7.  Get feedback from others, view their perspective too.
  8.  Involve the right people in decision making.
  9.  Make use of others wisdom and experience.
  10. Learn from your past mistakes.
  11. Be aware of the implications of your decision.
  12. Foresee the consequences of your decision.
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Once you have made a decision take full responsibility for it. Whatever be the outcome, accept it without being hard on your own self. But life is strange. Sometimes you may have to make a decision in an instant. At such a moment, follow your gut instincts and you will definitely make a successful decision.


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Sharing is Caring-