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Friends, in my previous blog (let’s break up with stress) I had introduced you to “Stress” in a new way.

We found how stress is harmful to us and how it is affecting our mental health along with our physical health. We had also learned that we can only divert our mind from stress for some time by different methods which we were applying till now, but we cannot erase it completely. This is because; we have made it a part of our lives. Now we will talk about those practical methods by which we can make our lives stress free.

To become stress-free, the first thing we need to do is to alter our misconceptions about stress. We need to understand that stress is not natural. It can be completely erased from our lives. We need to make small efforts for this.

Second and the most important thing are our thoughts. One negative thought will lead to a  second one and the second one to a third. Hence our life will be full of negativity.

To avoid this, we should keep a track on our thoughts from time to time. To do this, before starting your day, try to have a two-minute conversation with yourself and make a promise that you will not affect by your surroundings today.

Then in the day, take a one-minute break every two hours and rewind the situations in which you had created negativity. From the next moment, focus your subconscious mind on removing that negativity.

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In order to remove the negativity, you need to learn the third thing which is “LET IT GO.”It is allowing the situation to pass without affecting yourself. The sooner you learn this, the quicker your mental health will improve.

To imbibe LET IT GO, you need to insulate your mind with ’detachment.’ Emotional detachment is a positive behaviour, in which a person reacts calmly to circumstances/ individuals. In other words, it is a state of calmness, and the ability to not be emotionally disturbed by people, situations, and thoughts.

Why is detachment necessary?

Because you tend to think that the reasons of your stress are other people. They may be your boss, your husband or wife, your in-laws, your children etc. You forget that it is ‘you” who create thoughts and thus stress. When you have learned to be detached with the situations, you can easily apply “LET IT GO” in your life.

how to give a forever rest to stress?

So, friends, I hope by applying these techniques you can overcome stress and will be able to make your life like a flowing river rather than stagnant water, which always nourishes everything which comes to her way.

God has given us this beautiful life to live happily and to make others’ life beautiful. We should not waste by taking any unnecessary burden of stress.

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Sharing is Caring-