Sharing is Caring-

Girls should be covered up, stay at home, mustn’t talk to strangers, never look at men, learn all household chores, dress up as per parents and society choice, worry about others and then adapt accordingly. Parents try to protect on all grounds. On other hand, policies come up like protect girl child, make her study, and look for her safety, lastly empowerment… Are these really taking on a positive side??

The girl born – female infanticide.

Girl grows – Molestation, abuse, human trafficking even rape.

Teenage – Restrictions, overprotective, Rape, Silence, Trapped, kidnapped, tortured, prostitution, drug addicts etc.

Adult, middle age, old women. The same story continues, be it any place, time etc, etc.

Who should be blamed? Society framed by culture, tradition, and values? Everyone is aware right from childhood but even then we hear more and more incidents in our daily life. Why? Blame has to be on desires, sources which influence or even it should be one’s own upbringing??

Centuries back ancestors got married at an early age, be it for good reasons or bad but it has benefitted in few ways.

Will that work to restrict these.We might not agree on this right?? Where are the youngsters leading to?? What’s in future for them? Are the culture and values vanishing? I’m not against the trends and generational changes but worried about the mishappenings and weird incidents taking place with both genders girls being topping the list. Everyone is educated, more the education, more the values, and awareness but it’s on the opposite way.

Why did I concentrate more on girls, because girls have to be stronger to handle these situations well and not waiting for someone to help them out as in abuse, trafficking, rape or even anything else which follows in the category? We are moving in cross-cultural settings, as human tendency we try experimenting but not at the cost of harming or ruining other’s lives. Both genders have to be careful with the masked world around you… because everyone seems to be good and cheesy but you are the one who can be the best one to judge.

Self-assessment and thinking patterns should contribute to doing good more than harming and if something wrong is happening just have the courage to stop it, even fight against it. We are in the technological era let’s make the best use of it rather than misusing it.

Every boy and girl in every home should be given freedom to communicate and share everything with parents, parents, in turn, should create self-awareness about how to protect oneself and be courageous enough to take instant decisions.

As teens be it girls or boys changes undergo within you and everyone is fascinated to experiment about new things, just use your mind to differentiate what’s right or wrong, good or bad, worth doing it or not… Everything you do has an influence on your future.  Grow as a person where you can earn respect and valued for what you are not a person that people hate. One life, live it best with happy memories, not with regrets or worries.

Sharing is Caring-