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Equality” they shout. But the same people ask their girls to behave properly or else they are prepared to listen to the taunts. Our society has their own weird definition of equality, which by no means defines a man & a woman as equals.

This is heavy, please give it to me. You aren’t strong enough.” This is the common thing that girls are tired of listening throughout their life. “Dude, do you seriously think that a person who is in one of the five days, where she bleeds every month and pissed off at you, but still smiling at you – isn’t strong?” Why do we need to adjust or compromise on everything?

“Adjust your top; your cleavage is seen,” Says my neighbor.

“That’s strange! Why are you staring at it? Are you straight?”

“Adjust your top, your bra strip is shown. “says the so-called overprotective boyfriend.

“Good because it’s expensive.”

Why do girls need to use sarcasm as a weapon to cut down awkward situations?!

They have been compromising their dreams since childhood being pinnacled by the fake and mean thoughts. We don’t need to be protected. We aren’t weak. We can take care of ourselves. A woman who can take care of her own children, the house and do the budgets can take care of herself very easily. Always a man in the family is given the priority and the women are treated more like a maid. Where does the equality go?

Women empowerment

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Yes I’m a woman and I can and I may abuse depending on the situation I am in. Yes I’m a woman and I do carry weight because I know I’m going to nurture a human life for nine months, in my womb. Yes I’m a woman and I’m doing something that a woman mostly doesn’t choose.

I’m a mechanical engineer and doing better than the boys. Yes I party with my male friends and they never tried to take advantage of me because I’m mature enough to choose people correctly. Yes I’m not a virgin. But the guy who broke my virginity is also no longer a virgin, call him characterless too. Yes I bleed and sometimes stain my white clothes. Not a big deal. That is how nature intended it to be. There are many more things to discuss apart from my menstrual cycle.

Yes I’m a girl and I’m independent enough to pay bills and buy accessories for me without letting my boyfriend taking care of finances. Yes I earn more than the men in my family. My mother is independent too. We don’t need men to give us financial stability. I have learned self defense and can protect myself, though I shouldn’t have to, had we been living in a society of educated and well-behaved individuals. I too can confess my love to my man.

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When we voice our opinions about feminism, we don’t beg for your sympathy. Rather we ask you to stop showing sympathy. We only want you to treat us like any other independent individual. I can fight for my own rights. Stop staring me as if I don’t belong to this planet. I too have two legs, hands and a nominal body colour like you. Only some changes in body parts but that’s nothing to be checked out when I wear a backless dress or a short skirt.

I’m not a hot chick, I’m beautiful. Respect me. You spread rumours about me because you know you can never get me. I’m never going to get pinned down by your taunts and let my dreams suffocate due to your own selfish desires and needs.

I was born to be free and for a purpose. I’m going to complete it and fulfill my aims at any cost. I’m used to hearing taunts but I choose to ignore them for my own good.

To all the ladies out there, people are always going to judge you.

Be what you are irrespective of your age, ethnicity or education because woman power is one of the strongest forces of nature!


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Sharing is Caring-