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Why it’s always about beauty when it comes to loving a girl? Girls always need to be perfect! Some are fat, some are skinny, some are dark while some are too fair. Some are too lame while some are too sexy. But they are never perfect for others. Looks matter I understand, but not always.

What if a person with an ugly face has a great heart? I say everything is shit. All girls are perfect and of a unique kind. No one else has the right to judge you. If they do, just ignore them. Their work is to judge others. People often have a habit of judging others, especially the girls.

Remember one thing, when you judge others, you don’t define them, you define yourself. And rumors that you hear about a girl is often from a guy who cannot win her, or a girl who cannot compete her.


When a girl is seen with a boy, she is said to be with her boyfriend. He may be her friend or brother. I mean come on, if the girl’s presence doesn’t bother you, then why does seeing her with a guy matter? If you doubt a girl, don’t spread it. At first clarify it, then keep it with yourself. Because if you can’t console them, don’t even hurt them.

Why a girl is always blamed. See a girl with a guy, and you judge her. She gets a tag of being “SPOILT”. Why not is the guy judged? Is being born as a girl curse? No, it is not. Only if people get more open and broad-minded. In case that’s not possible, stop listening to other shit.

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They didn’t bring you in this world. They don’t know your story, so all that matters is the person who have brought you in this world, the person who have sacrificed all his happiness for you.

Now coming to the love life, all girls dream of a boy whose first priority is she herself. A boy who is proud enough to introduce her to his friends. A guy for whom no other girls matter except her girl. A guy who will do anything just to spend time with her. But not every girl is lucky. Why it is that the girl with the purest heart is always cheated? Don’t know? You will never know. Think in this way once.

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Why is a girl raped and not a boy? Why is a girl not safe in her own country? Why is a girl not free to choose her own career? A message to all the males in this country, to those who say they are the real man, who says he’ll protect his sisters by keeping a look at her 24*7. No need to look after us.

We can manage as well as protect ourselves. All you need to do is teach your male friends how to respect a women because a woman has to tolerate many things and she deserves all the respect you give to her.


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Sharing is Caring-