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Are you clear about your feminism concept? Find out if they are right!

The other day I had gone to meet my relatives and like all families generally do when they meet, they talk. We were doing exactly that where my uncle started narrating an experience that he recently had. He was travelling for business and was having a bad day. He is a heart patient and that day his condition was not good. While coming back, in the train, he did not get a place to sit. And then, a woman offered him her seat. He told me, “Pehli baar aisa hua hai. Meko laga kya mai itna bimaar dikh raha hu? Ladies generally easily seat nai deti”, he concluded.

And it got me thinking. He was not wrong. As far as I have travelled I don’t see a lot of women getting up on trains or buses and offering their seats to old men or women alike. And thus this article. I am the editor of this website, and so much of the content is on feminism. Forget to be an editor for this, so many articles on social media are on just exactly that. And in this era, where everyone is trying to have an opinion on feminism concept, where all the women are fighting for their rights, somewhere we have victimised women so much that the general perception about men has gone down the drain. we have never tried to make our feminism concept right.

This is why I am writing this!

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If as a woman, you expect the men to offer you their seats, when you are pregnant or old, the younger females should also willingly offer to men who are old. That is right feminism concept.

If you tell a man ki usse ek aurat ne janam dia hai, then let’s not forget that a man was equally responsible. That is feminism.

When your mom cooks your favourite meal, and gives you everything you have ever asked her to, then let’s not forget it was dad who worked and slogged days and nights too.

With so many articles cropping up about how women are the victims worldwide, let’s not forget that there exist a few who take advantage of that fact. The recent CCD case is proof enough for that.

And like how a Bollywood movie potrayed it,

“Jab aadmi aurat pe haat uthata hai, tab hum kehte hai bada zaalim mard hai. Aur jab aurat aadmi pe haat uthaye tab bhi hum kehte hai ki zaroor mard ne hi kuch kia hoga. Mai ye nai keh rahi ki saari aurte galat hai.” This dialogue won my heart then, and I equally love it now.

And we women have become so offensive towards everything and anything that now it has become second nature to us. Yes, we were oppressed, we had to fight for our lives, and we still have to. So many women are fighting their own battles. So many of them are trying to make everything work for people they love, but let’s not target all men. Because, THEY ARE NOT ALL SAME.

And why do they get so less importance?

Yes I know there’s an international men’s day, but women’s day is more renowned. There is a daughter’s day but son’s day isn’t that famous.

There are TONS of videos on women, mother, sister, but not as many on the father, brother, son.

So many restaurants/clubs have ladies night, ladies hours and endless offers! Why can’t there be one day for men? The local trains have separate compartments for ladies. And none of men. It is general. When a girl is fat, we aren’t supposed to call her that and we should be aware of her feelings. But a fat man can be called anything and he’s supposed to laugh? Because he’s a man?

If there are maternity leaves, then why not paternity? Didn’t he also become a father? Isn’t it important for him to spend time with his new kid and a recovering wife? In the case of a divorce, the mother has an upper-hand while considering the custody of the child. Aren’t fathers equally important? Where are all you Feminism concept then?

Correct your feminism concept right as I am doing. So here’s something for the men in my life:

To my dad,

Thank you for not saying no for late nights. Thank you for educating me, for not holding it against me when I had an opinion on something and for treating me like an adult and considering them all. You have no idea how much that has shaped me into becoming the person I am today. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for never oppressing me. For never having me to fight for my fundamental rights. And know that, I understand when you put some restrictions. The person you are wants to say yes, but the father in you, can’t. Because, the person in you and the father in you both trust your daughter, but the father in you can never trust the society. Thank you for never stopping my mother when she wanted to work, in fact encouraging her.

Dear uncles,

Thank you for just letting me be, for proudly telling people I am a writer. Thank you for always maintaining that I am someone who can manage situations well. Everything you did, helped me write this today. Thank you for coming to me, and not go to your sons when you got technologically handicapped. Thank you for not treating me any different, moreover any less JUST BECAUSE I AM A GIRL.[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””][/perfectpullquote]

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Dear brothers,

You all taught me to play video games, to run, to tie a tie, to drive and encouraged me when I first started riding. You all still help me when I get stuck. We fought and you all never backed out, ‘JUST BECAUSE I WAS A GIRL’. Thank you for teaching me that I am as equal as you are. Not lower, not higher. Thank you for teaching me how to swear. For letting me stand up for myself. Thank you for offering me to come work for your business.

Dear guy friends of my life,

Thank you for never differentiating when it came to taking my case, for never judging my driving or my direction mishaps. Thank you for never asking, “Sabka life insurance hai na?”, when I started driving. Thank you for never making it awkward when I came to you all about girly stuff, for being the kind of men that you are! Thank you for not being the jerks my parents warned me about and for letting me fight my own battles despite being the overprotective friends you are. In the last, Thank you for being friends with me without being romantically interested in me. We are breaking stereotypes all around the world.

Dear random strangers or acquaintances,

Thank you for taking me seriously, for backing off when you knew I was right, and for not rubbing it in my face when I was wrong. Thank you for being proud of me when I say I am a writer or I am going to do business, for not judging me for being ambitious. 

It is because of people like you, that I am happy, safe, and currently sitting on the chair writing this article.

And it was about time someone said this. We need you all too. For being rational when we are overpowered by our emotions. For making our lives easier. We need men like you fighting battles for us, because it is ONLY because of men like you that we can ever achieve gender equality. Only because of you being an example for everyone to follow.

Agar har successful aadmi ke peeche ek aurat hoti hai, toh har successful ladki k peeche uske maa-baap jinhone uspe pura bharosa kia.

So next time when you raise a finger at ALL men, don’t forget the person because of which you are here even doing that – your father. Don’t forget what he did for you. and he will always do.

I will never forget what you all have done for me to become the person I am today and I want you all to know that I generously appreciate it. You men are breaking stereotypes and silently being there for us all towards a better future. A future with no gender inequality.

-A girl who has her feminism concept correct.


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