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Are there ghosts? If ghosts do not exist, then people are seeing something, feeling something, what are those? Science has denied the existence of any supernatural spirit, but simultaneously many paranormal activists have tried to prove the existence of ghosts with the help of the science. They have discovered many machines, performed pranks several times and claimed that they have talked to the spirits.

Recent death of a paranormal activist

Last year, the death of Indian Paranormal Society Founder and CEO Gaurav Tiwari made everyone spellbound. He was known as famous Indian ghost hunter. His death was very mysterious. At Dwarka, in Delhi, in his own flat he was in washroom and passed away there. A black mark had been found on his throat like someone ligated something tightly on his throat, but no one was there.

Top most haunted places in India

  1.       Bhangarh Fort, Ajabgarh, Alwar district, Rajasthan

This is the most haunted place in India. As per many people, many variable paranormal activities are seen here. People say, at night, a little boy walks inside a room of the fort and that room doesn’t have any doors. After 6:30 pm, entry is not allowed to this haunted fort.

  1.   Kuldhara, Rajasthan

  Kuldhara is an abandoned village in Rajasthan because of several types of supernatural incidences, people left this village.

  1.   Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

  This is the top most haunted place in Pune. Here a spiritual sound is heard at night. A voice of girl comes and she says, “kaka mala vachva (uncle save me). Entry is not allowed after the sunset.

  1. Writer’s Building, Kolkata

  This is a public and very crowded place the whole day but, from the evening this is a haunted place. This is the place where many patriotic people and British soldiers died.

  1. National Library, Alipore, Kolkata

  Someone breaths near people’s neck here. Here and there, books fall down and these are very scary.

  1. Karikattu kuppam, Chennai

In this place, at night, two shadows are seen.


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  1. Delhi Cantonment

Here at midnight, a woman in white sari asks people for a lift.

  1. Delhi Mutiny House

   Many British soldiers died here and sounds of the revolver are heard as per people.

  1. NH4, Bangalore

   This is a highway and in this road, a spirit comes, calls people then vanishes.

  1.   GP Block, Meerut

    A girl in a red sari is seen here at night.

Some machines to catch spirits

Tablet PC: determines any changes in the sound of surroundings.

Ghost box: measures temperature and tells about the presence of the spirits.


In 1970, two roommates told that the spirit of Annabelle Higgins came into their doll. The doll is now in Occult Museum. Annabelle Creation movie, released on 18th August is based on this.


Paranormal activists are still researching, but there is no strong evidence and there is still smog of superficial reason. But the nights are scary.


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