Sharing is Caring-

Sometimes, I wonder what life would be without friends. A depressed, sad and unaware life? Or a life, in which materialistic things would end up becoming the reason to your happiness.

I have known people who have never had best friends in their life, who have grown so old with just known people around them. They have no one to sit and talk about their day and no one to express their feelings with. Childhood friends were many but none kept in touch. Such people do exist, for who materialistic happiness is what makes them forget and unable to recognize pain or grief easily.


And some people I have known, who grew up in an environment where friendship was all that money spoke. Where emotions and expressions were not given any space, such people never knew what it was to have a best friend. All they thought was friendship comes with fame and money. Bringing light to one of such lives was what I have always been proud of. It is not easy to bring out the hidden buried emotions of a person, but as they say, a little care and lots of love can bring the biggest changes.

My life has been a lot more different. I have had a lot of best friends. I know it is pretty weird to hear because best friend is always one. But I guess, that one friend who has exceeded best friend also doesn’t need a specific title to it. It is just a special bond that cannot be described easily.

Probably some other time I would talk about that special bond. Today all that I have to talk about is how amazing is certain friendships, or rather how much of a delight do best friends bring to a friendship.

Even after 6 months or even after 6 years you stay away from your best friend, you could start off from where you stopped, as if it was the exact next day of your life with that friend of yours. You could go on narrating every simple and complex incident that took place in your life and it would still feel consoled while sharing it with them.

Best friends are just like this, they promise to be by your side since day 1 and even if they aren’t, even on the 10th day they’ll make sure to put you on a better space than what you felt before.

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Sharing is Caring-