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A Friend and friendship can be the best thing that happens in one’s life. One cannot exist without a friend. That friend can be a person, book or even a pet. In any form, it serves the same emotion and affection. It’s how you give attention and gain love out of it in return. When you give 100%, the same thing reciprocates back to you.

We come across certain people in our lives, some become closer for a while, others come and stay with us for lifelong.  Any relationship has a strong base of trust and supportive nature, love and understanding. Even it goes the same with friends too. You start liking things when it gives you happiness right, even a friendship can yield the same.


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 Well, it’s good to be choosy and careful while selecting friends, people enter your life for a reason, few may leave you in trouble teaching you a lesson others come in and create memories cherishable as of every season. Friends become part of your life when you can be yourself, they can be themselves without any expectations.

Friends or foes

Who knows

Within time they change

Nothing to do with status or range

It’s not about the friendship band

It carries the real essence if you truly understand

If you gel well and carry the bond

That relation seems happening and be really fond

No matter what always try to be honest and true

Either in words or in whatever you do

You should be the reason for your given support and smile

So that you dear ones feel complete and travel with you forever in every mile.

Friendship is a bond that carves your life, makes you experience, learn, prepares you for new challenges and for exciting adventures. Friends change you, make you, disturb you, challenge you, build you, break you. So, folks make the massive ship of friendship not to lose its balance and drown, anchor it with proper support that the fear of risk of trusting a person is no more indicating a danger.  Happy friendship day and long live every friendship.

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Sharing is Caring-