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Date: 12th March, 2017

It was a Sunday evening, but the drafts of Pending jobs, targets, bills, etc. were piled up on my table & I was just trying to bring everything on track by working overtime.

My phone vibrated & I realized that our WhatsApp group of friends was getting active. They all were planning to meet & celebrate the festival of colors “Holi” together the next day. With loads of work on my table, I typed a “NO”. But the friends were not in the mood to leave me just like that & I had to give up.

Date: 13th March, 2017

It was the day of Holi & we all gathered to celebrate the festival. Our bodies were filled with colors & we were roaming like mobile paintings. We went to everyone’s house to seek blessings from the elders & had a variety of cuisines. The ambience was filled with happy songs, laughter & joy.

What a perfect day it was & the credit goes to my friends. The next day I reached office & started working with a fresh mind. To be very honest, all the pending drafts piled on my table got completed within a couple of hours & I was feeling thankful to my friends who forced me to take that much needed break. This incident made me realize the value of my friends.

If we think deeply, we would realize that these days we have plenty of friends with whom we chat online but there are only a few with whom our heart connects.

We share many things on social media but there are only a few with whom we share our hearts with.

The memories which we create with our friends are the most beautiful things which we would want to relive every time. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]True friends are the people who enter our life without any blood relation, yet manage to touch our hearts. They are nothing less than family.[/perfectpullquote]


At times, we may doubt our abilities, but true friends make us realize & believe in our hidden strength. They stand by us confidently every time for the much needed guidance & motivation. They understand our emotions just by looking at our eyes & even listen to the silent cry of our heart.

They patiently listen to all our talks which are filled inside us without judging us for our age & maturity. When situations become extremely tough to tolerate, they offer us their shoulder to shed our tears.

We always have fun with our friends but true are those who have offered us their shoulder to shed our tears in tough times. Actually, they have only seen us crying as they remain with us in our difficult times.

We always try to impress others but true friends bring the harsh truth in front of us & protect us when required. They know our flaws & weaknesses but still choose to remain by our side. They accept & love us for what we are.

At difficult times of our life, we find true friends cheering & encouraging. They celebrate our achievements more than us.

How lucky we are to have friends in our lives.

Just celebrate life with them as each friend is the blessing sent to us by God.

Thank you all for being a part of my life!


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Sharing is Caring-