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What do you think is your biggest fear??

We, humans, are bound by rules, customs and traditions. Whatever religion you follow, your relationship with God remains same.

Atheist or theist, be it faith in God, faith in you or your loved ones, all falls under “faith”. In simple words, where there is faith, “Fear” follows.

There is trembling inside, a little war between fear and moving forward with confidence, an inner pressure between right and wrong, the scariness, the darkness, the loss, the insecurities, the failure, demise, the worries and at times even the future might trouble you.

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As rightly said by Buddha, “what you think, is what you become.” If fear rules you more than your mind and conscience, it can kill you. So having an emotional balance is of utmost importance.

The things which can be handled by you and with little support, yield good results and make you move in the light of positivity. There are things which can be out of control and can’t be handled easily.

Fear of failure can be achieved with the effort you put in and plan accordingly to mitigate your chances of loss. If you are judgemental, you decide your path. As said, “what you sow, you shall reap”.

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The two Ultimate fears you cannot handle are:

1) Insecurity — When the hope of being safe and secure diminishes day by day, you build an extreme level of fear. You become low, you start fretting about anything like financial, relationships, career or even personal issues. This depends on how an individual handles it better when it’s really hard to overcome fear. It can wear off with time, but you have to prepare yourself for the best and the worst by being strong.

2) Loss — Unfortunate things happen. Unconditional love and attachment prevail towards loved ones and their sudden loss or losing them from your life are the primary fear that prevails within you. This is an involuntary uncontrollable feeling. It is not easy to keep it away from one’s mind and body. It grows more with time. Though counselling can help to an extent this fear of pain remains terribly with the person till his last. It grows in slowly but remains deep in the thoughts and memories flow.


Be it any kind of fear, it is mentally related. This unpleasant apprehensiveness should be dealt with positivity, mental strength, emotional balance, confidence. Remember, when fear is hidden and managed well, you are already a successful person. The fear factors which you can control, handle it well. Let the fear in you subside as much as you can. Be strong, positive and happy.

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Sharing is Caring-