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Setting goals gives you an insight and leads you in the direction of travel which you need to be successful on any duty you are charged with. It is very important for determination in short-term and successful results in long-term. Most of us set dreams for ourselves that seem so big and unrealizable that making the first action towards achieving it looks like a great leap.

Being smart is not just enough to actualize all your dreams. Take your time to accurately set goals for yourself and ensure that you are fully prepared to make the most out of every moment in life.

Putting Emotion and Passion into setting your goals

The SMART model is a really convenient way, to begin with setting your goals i.e. making sure your goals are: Specific, Measurable, Adjustable or Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. Using the SMART model of goal setting may not be enough.


Being passionate and making use of your emotion is a key factor in goal setting. You have to be driven passionately and totally dedicated to reaching the goals you set for yourself. If you are not passionate and emotionally attached to the goal, you will give up as soon as things become tough. Make sure you put in real dedication, emotion and thought into the set goal. This is one of the secrets to actualizing the goals you set for yourself. Most people leave out this factor in goal setting and never get to achieve their aim.

Make realistic goals

This is a very important secret to setting and achieving your goals. Do not overwhelm yourself with setting an unachievable goal, think small. You can split your big goals into small actions and makes the goal look achievable. These small actions will increase your motivation, help you find openings to help you achieve your goals and also help you convey what you want to actualize.

Follow a road map

This is one of the important secrets in setting your goals. When setting goals, you must first consider how you will make it achievable. It is at this point that most goal setters find it hard to continue and start asking themselves “how will I ever achieve this task?” instead of asking “how can I achieve this task?” Before setting a goal, you should be able to write down the how, what, who and why questions about the task like – How will I achieve this goal? Who are the people that can help me actualize this goal? Why do I need to achieve this goal?

Think and consider all angles and stages involved in achieving your goal before you start with the execution of the task.

Stay Persistent and Consistent

Using the SMART model in goal setting is not enough to actually help you achieve your set goal. Always select a course that is consistent with the aim of your goal when faced with a task, no matter the magnitude. Do not change your path halfway as you might fail at the end. Make your dream or goal a part of your daily life. Be aware that there will be difficulties in achieving your goal but if you really want to achieve that goal, you have to continue firmly on that path to complete the task. Always be consistent and persistent because that is the only way you will be able to achieve your goals.

By following and adhering strictly to these few secrets in setting your goals, you are raising a strong foundation to get closer to your goals.


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Sharing is Caring-