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“Momma, what is Uttarayan? I heard my teacher talk about it,” asked the 5 year old.

“Umm…it’s a…festival!” The mum tried to answer.

“What kind of festival is it?”

After surfing on Google the answer to a question by a 5 year old, the 30 year old replied, “It is a festival of kites. People used to fly kites and celebrate this fest with their friends and family.” The mum answered, finally relieved.

“It’s such an interesting fest. Why don’t we celebrate it?” Now pensive, the kid asked.

His mum handed him a tablet to avoid further questions. She had no answers to his questions. And the same had happened with her whenever she asked her parents about the Indian culture.


This was just a glimpse of our classy gray future. We are so much into the west that we have forgotten our own colors, Black, white, pastels, are classy. Red, yellow, green, are gaudy. We have used the western detergent enough to fade our bright colors into tints and shades.

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This is just the condition of our colors. What about our kids? We with our own hands are pushing them into the ocean of technology and training them to survive on it. And they just keep swimming inside unable to find a way out. And in this process, a lot of diseases and mental stress develops and the brain deteriorates. Our kids are so much into the techno power that they eat with one hand and type with other.

They don’t enjoy the tastes because they are busy enjoying the games. They are more virtual than actual. They play cricket, football, basketball, etc. but virtually. They have healthy palms and an unhealthy body. The continuous workout has got those muscular fingers and a round belly. Unhealthy body and an underdeveloped brain.

When asked about our culture and traditions they are clueless and not at all curious to know about it.

Let me share a personal experience.

It was Uttarayan. After celebrating the festival, we were at a relative’s place for a get-together.  I saw their kids casually lying on the sofa deeply sunk in their gadgets. Calling them didn’t work out so I had to tap them a bit for attention.

When I asked them how did they celebrate the festival, they just pointed towards their gadget, smiled and went back in their ocean. They found this festival boring. And they didn’t know how to fly kites either. ‘Cause they were never taught that.

Technology is not bad. When used in a proper way at a suitable age, it is useful.

Or else it is the master, and we the slaves.

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We made it, but it uses us. Instead of humans, we prefer befriending ios and android.

So, it’s a humble request to all the parents; from a lad who actually knows the joys of childhood, who has played all the games on field, who still enjoys all the festivals and has accepted the western culture but still has the Indian roots, that please send in life boats before your child drowns in the ocean of technology and never comes back. Be their life guards and save their lives from the overdose of technology.


Let them ask questions and not just Google it because Google may know everything, but it can never replace the teachers. For now, let them read books and not just kindle it. Let them enjoy the scent of those pages. Let them live as humans and not robots.

Thank you!


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Sharing is Caring-