Sharing is Caring-

Sometimes we tend to move away from reality and love to focus on our dreams and fantasies.  But for how long can we do that?  Reality does knock on our doors and appears in front of us one day and quite literally, scares us. Is that the conflict between our mind & the heart??  Where is the mismatch?? Where’s the gap?

Our dreams are different; the reality which we live in is different. We cling and are happier in our dreams and comparatively, quite less in reality. But no one is willing to accept this fact.

Compromises and sacrifices for not living their dreams, is what generally people do in life. It is better to find a way to achieve our dreams rather than regret it later.


Every one of us has to earn for a living, but that doesn’t mean leaving things or forgetting about our own choices and likes. Remember, where there is a will there is a way! Am I right?  Make space for yourself, to gain that satisfaction even 30 minutes to an hour in a week, fills you up with cheerfulness and makes you an achiever.

Every hobby, talent or your passion brightens you up when you find happiness in whatever you do.  It’s in your hands, to frame it as a something beautiful you wish to do in your life. Pin it up in your lists, include them in your daily activities. Trust me you will love it. Turn your dreams into reality.  Just give them life, add color and let your imagination run free!

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Inculcate the same in your next generations too. They can be successful in whatever they do. It’s not always about earning, there is fun in learning, churning and spending time for yearning passions or dreams. Do what you want to do.  Life is short. Stop wasting time in regretting, just follow your heart.


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Sharing is Caring-