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Pets, The stress busters

Humans have six senses. Our six senses are regulated by our emotions. Every creature on this planet, exhibit their emotions differently. Where the world is swiftly moving towards its growth, people often fail to cater to others needs, desires and mainly emotions. In our pursuit of life, happiness is lost slowly.


Depression has become an epidemic in the recent times. Medical institutions are keenly researching on getting a perfect cure to eradicate depression and stress. But there’s one solution that is found to be the safest and the easiest method of all. Yes, you heard me right, pets…

Those five sensed creatures can aid us from losing our clasps to depression. Pets are those that can never be hated unless you don’t have a heart. Pets are great companions who understand our emotions perfectly.

So here are five main reasons why having a pet is a must to every one of us.

1) Letting go solitude

When there is sunshine, there is happiness. When there are storms, there is grief. Every human undergoes loneliness in some point of their life. Loneliness should empower us into a better human but it must not trap us into it. Loneliness must be treated earlier. Solitude is hitting everyone hardly which in turn affects our mental well-being. In our busy schedule, we even forget to smile. But pets never fail to make us ecstatic. Having a pet can ease down our sorrows. Spending some time with them every day can boost our mind and of course it can make our bad days a good one.

2) Epitome of values

Pets are an Epitome of faith and loyalty. It is clichéd but dogs are so faithful than humans. They sometimes choose to follow you and love even after your death. Pets are short of a sense yet they succeed us in the values they possess. They can be your best friend and a guide simultaneously . For instance, having a pet while your child is young can benefit parents a lot. They set themselves as examples of faithfulness. And when children notice those, they follow them. Even when you throw tantrums on them, they never get offended.

3) Man’s best friend

Trust is highly expensive that you can’t expect it from homo sapiens. Trusting someone so badly can affect us as humans can never easily overcome betrayals. Breakups are heartbreaking but breakups that happen in friendship are even more painful. So need a loyal best friend? Go to a pet store. Get one for yourself. Pets never get offended even if you forget them on a busy schedule. All they expect from you is a cuddle and some pampering for all the immense love they shower you with. So say yes to pets.

4) Laziness

Pets are active than us. Every morning, they love going for a walk and sniffing everything and everybody. So persons detesting exercise can have a pet at home. They brighten up your day, they love hovering around parks and homes. Sometimes, they mess everything. So none the less, you have to clean that up. Pets love to play with their owners and their family members.  Cuddling them and playing with them makes them happy and us actively happy too.

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5) Pacifier of heart breaks.

Everybody craves to be loved, pampered some cared. In the pursuit of love, not everybody is lucky. That is why heartbreaks happen effortlessly. Pets can be a great cure when you have heartbreaks. They can make everybody feel loved. They tend to love us no matter what the situation is. They have the hidden ability to sense our sadness. On knowing it, they cheer us up. When one is sad, pets stay with them and comfort them.

So have a pet and have a happy life!


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Sharing is Caring-