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Is it polite to use curse words? Definitely…no! This is why we frown at people when they use curse words or get frowned at when we curse. So, why do people still use curse words regardless of it being socially unacceptable? Well, let me highlight some of the various reasons.

1) To blow off steam

You might have come across a colleague at work or mate at school cursing when they are stressed. Well, we all have our own unique ways of getting rid of stress, but some prefer shouting curse words at the top of their lungs to get rid of the negative energy. This does the trick for them even if it’s not right.  Ever got stuck in traffic and you feel the urge to get out of the car and shout at the top of your lungs? Yes, me too. Sometimes it does the trick for me, you feel this soothing effect and the stress is gone: (I don’t do it in the presence of young ones or elderly people. I wouldn’t want to get that black look).

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2) Habit

I bet we all have that one friend who cannot stop themselves from cursing, no matter what the situation is. Probably, it’s just a habit they formed while growing up, or it could be their upbringing. It could be that, growing up they were exposed to a lot of curse words that they now can’t help themselves. This is definitely a bad habit and should not be encouraged.

3) To fit in

We all want to fit in some social group, right? Some people think using curse words qualifies them as “bad boys/girls”. Some people think engaging in such behavior gives them an identity. Laughable, right? I remember one time my brother got a suspension from school for cursing a teacher. He thought his “friends” would think it as cool and make him an alpha in his circle of friends. He regretted that decision later.

4) Anger

Some people curse when they are angry, or at the heat of the moment. Some people’s mechanism of dealing with their anger is getting rude and ending up using curse words. Well, it’s not appropriate. Such behavior could cause a rift between friends or colleagues. It’s not worth using such inappropriate behavior simply because someone has provoked you or something has angered you. I have seen friendship break and people get wounded in a fight after getting provoked and choosing to retaliate by cursing. There are always better ways to deal with anger issues that cursing.

5) Surprise

Sometimes people curse when they get surprised with a gift they never saw coming or when they get startled by their mischievous sibling playing a prank on them.

6) Express trust or level of friendship

Let us be honest here, we all have that one friend or circle of friends that we feel comfortable with when they are around.  And sometimes we could sneak up a curse word in our conversation with them. Well, some people use curse words to show how much they trust someone or show intimacy.  Some people curse while teasing their friends.

These are few reasons why people use curse words. Some are beneficial, but some could create trouble.


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Sharing is Caring-