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Being a teenager, we have many thrilling experiences. Teenage is the most exciting phase of life. We are great at tackling problems whether they come expectedly or unexpectedly. As a teenager, we become so passionate about things. We get mood swings. We make many wrong decisions. Some make us regret our entire life too. This is the age where we begin to get maturity.


The most normal yet worst problem is heartbreaks. We, many a, times fail to choose the correct partner. At this age, love is just all about infatuation and lust. But when do we realize that we are in love? When do we get to know that our soul mate has entered?

The answers to these questions are here. A person who tries to take interest in your daily schedule, as well as your hobbies, is the perfect person for you. Love is more than just promises. It’s more about how much respect you give to your partner.

Girls, if a guy who undresses you before sex also helps you to dress and brings you a glass of water after sex, is the perfect guy. Be with a person who’s happy to have you, who’s eager to introduce you to his friends.

Never fall for a guy who disrespects his ex. If he can disrespect his ex, he can also disrespect you. Rather find someone who respects all the women around him. Who’s in love with kids and is a mod at heart and mature at the same time.

Fall for someone who respects his/her parents and also yours. Time is money nowadays. Your time is precious. Invest it on someone who gives you theirs.

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Never beg anyone to stay. Just set them free. If they are meant to be yours, they’ll come back. You are in love when your heart skips a beat when you see your partner coming. You are in love when his/her laugh becomes your favourite sound.

Many people come, many leave, but at the end of the day, it’s you who’s going to spend your entire life with your soul mate. So select one whom you love and rather than listening to the society.


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Sharing is Caring-