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A film that connected with this writer, maybe not entirely, maybe not even a bit did it define me. But it did have a lasting impression on me.

As a writer, I always thought that writing about a movie is sort of very overrated thing or something everyone does. But I possibly can’t leave an opportunity to talk about how beautiful this film could be.

A simple film, with a strong story and with very relatable songs, Dear Zindagi.

Yup, I do sound like a film kid but I can’t help it. The first time when I watched this film, it was mainly a Gauri Shinde film with a beautiful concept and story. I was quite impressed and suggestive about watching this film to my friends. But, when I watched it once again, it honestly gave me a bit of goose bumps; it brought the writer ahead this time.

dear zindagi

The film was given its own spark, though it might have not won lots of awards but its one film that has spoken a lot, compared to any other film in today’s time. And I think the real success for a film is the amount of lasting effect it could have on the audience after such a long period of time.


It is one film that you would never be tired of watching, a film you could watch every time you feel low. I do agree that at times watching such films when you are low could be a bit frustrating because of the mentally depressed thoughts in our minds. Sometimes, we do feel that watching a film that is all about problems is something you wouldn’t be in the mood for. But this film is one film I highly recommend you to watch when you’re low, because it is one such film that if you try to connect your heart with, solutions to problems could be found simply quicker than just sitting upset in a corner.

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Dear Zindagi is one film that made me come face to face with what I need at the moment. It is one film that was created with a very strong motive. How many of us fall for suicidal thoughts and all sort of crap. Yes CRAP, because there isn’t any such problem that you cannot face, that you cannot overcome. You just need to stop pitying your condition and make yourself feel secured.

A film in your ‘Need to watch list’ needs to be Dear Zindagi.

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