Sharing is Caring-

So, I came across this book a lot of times and never understood a word of it. Just recently when I was having a tough time fighting the usual clutches of life, I thought of seeking help and got it from this wonderful piece of neglected inspiration I always had in my bookshelf.

Life, as we all know comes to a certain point where one cannot decide his way. We’ve all faced it, some fought it and some drowned in it. Have you ever faced when you’ve cried all night for nothing is going right and wake up to realize that all of your emotions went in vain?

It is our own responsibility to keep ourselves happy, ignore the world they tell us but how? It’s not easy to keep fighting the problems we’ve not asked for .This happens a lot in the teenage. Seeking help is important but how are we supposed to seek help if we cannot even decide what our actual problem is.

What I learnt is, make a list of problems you have first. Go deep into the issues, see through the very core of the problem and pen it down on a paper. This is the first step to fight your problems. You are beginning to reach to your goal now, which is happiness!

While I was going through Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, it began by saying that a person, any person from anywhere in the world, is a magnet. We are what we think. If one person is thinking that he is sad, he will attract sadness. For happy thoughts, happiness will be attracted. For success, money and love, all the same applies. All we have to do is command the universe and have faith in it. It will all come to us when we ask for.

The complete motto behind all this is to have faith. We all have faith but also with a little hesitance. Now, there is no place for hesitance and faith in one room here. We’ve all wished for something or the other with all our heart and it has come true. That is all The Secret is about.

It also brings positivity in life along with the wish we’ve made. A feeling of power is generated. Feeling of inferiority is vanished as now we start feeling our worth in the universe. This feeling of power also generates us to change the world along with our own world. Only with this feeling of power we can lead a happy life.

Sharing is Caring-