Sharing is Caring-

Family is said to be the sole support of our journey. We can term anyone a part of it but not everyone. Family, in itself, is a word which means closeness and happiness within us. The word ‘happy’ has a beautiful meaning but it requires to be appropriately explained to be meaningful.

Basically, we term our parents as family but they need not be the only one. Those people who are with us, stand behind us and always help us to live a precious life ahead; can be said to be a part of our family. Their presence is always treasured in our lives and in the dark times, we can only feel the warmth of their shine, and that is enough strength for us to fight the black.

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But now the question is, which people make a family? What gives them the essence of a family? Are they pre-written in our destiny or we have to ourselves carve their existence?

Well, for me, the family is no pre-written script. It is a game show where we have to gamble our existence with them and they are answerable to our happiness with a smile and without any choice.


Family is our backbone; it exists to help us, to encourage when we are demoralized to the core. They have the capability to understand us; to see scars behind our smile and caress them.

They need not be any blood relations or old acquaintances. Sometimes, the people who we have recently come across, seem to understand us better than our old contacts. We tend to recall them whenever we face any situation. That’s the sense behind inculcating a family which helps us mentally to embrace our fate.

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Having money is a matter of hard work. Having friends is a matter of our persona put forth.

But having a wonderful family which accepts our friends is a matter of fortune.

So if you get one, do not rethink. But live in their shade for rest of your time.

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Sharing is Caring-