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Failure, the word itself is enough to describe its fear. Everyone at least once might have faced it. Most of the people hate this word because it destroys them and they are afraid to cope with it.

If you go deep into the roots of failure, you will find the actual lessons which can be fruitful to reach the desired goals.

Sanchin Tendulkar is considered as the GOD of cricket. Did he achieve his designation over-night? Did someone bless him with a wish which fulfilled within a night? No, everything became possible after endless trials and practices. He worked day and night on all the aspects where he was lacking behind. After the failures, he tasted the fruit of success.


Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs, the most favorite reality show where small toddlers from different cities and countries gather for the auditions. They pass through the several tests for their selection in the team where very few of them are selected for the final group. Only selected children get the chance to get trained from the Gurus of the music industry. Disqualified children have to return to their home. The disqualified children don’t leave their passion for singing, even they come forward on screen and say that they will return with full preparation and will shine.

If small children can take their failures as the lessons and can step forward with full preparation; then why can’t elders follow the same path?

You have to learn from your failures to grow. To know how to grow by passing through the thorns and be a rose without giving up, here are some areas which can be beneficial if light is put on them


  •   Learn LessonsFailure is not the end. It is the biggest lesson which prepares us for the best. It presents the missing ingredients of success in front of you, so you can serve the best for your own self. It also shows the real picture of your life which is not liked by any. To be successful, one bad lesson is mandatory to make the life beautiful.


  •   Experiences – From childhood to till day, you might have learned many lessons. Some might be good, while some might be bad. If you combine both, you will definitely discover something new. Experiences play the key role in the growth and development as it teaches you new ways to reach your goals.


  •   Opportunities – You are well aware of two phases of life, dark phase, and bright phase. No one likes the dark phase but bright phase comes after facing the dark phase. To reach the bright phase, Failure helps you to identify the errors and rectify them. Your problems are solved when you avoid mistakes and ultimately you get the success. ‘New opportunities knock to those who move forward in life after learning from their failures’. You just have to step out with 100% efforts and hard work, doors will be opened automatically.


Mother cooks food for you. Many times, she tries to prepare new recipes for you. If once her dish is spoiled, she tries again and again until she prepares it deliciously. Her recipe is ready because by every trial she corrects her mistakes and gives best to prepare it. You can give your best without locking yourself in 4 walls.

If you learned to climb high after falling down, no one can stop you to touch the peaks of mountains. Just one you have to step out and feel the magic.


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Kanchan Vallecha

Kanchan Vallecha

I wish to ignite the fire whose flames will lead the people towards the shining star, not to the ashes.
Sharing is Caring-