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Say cheese!! Do you know the person who says so? Yes correct! This is your very own photographer. But why does he say so? Just take a nice picture of yours.

Smile is something that makes a person more beautiful. Ever compared to faces? One gloomy and one with a wide smile?

If you do, you will find that the face with a broad smile is far more attractive than the gloomy one! Smiling is not important, just to make you look good, but, is also important to make you, feel good!


A smile whether false or true, has the capacity to make you, as much happier, as you will be after eating 2000 bars of chocolate!! You will be thinking, is this what smile does?

A smile can do many more things, and most of them are related to your health.

Let me tell you the million buck benefits of smiling:

1- Smiling leads to the release of ‘endorphins’, which are natural pain killers, and stress busters.

2- Smiling burns calories and therefore causes weight loss. So, if you want to shed a few kilos then, show your teeth and smile.


3- Smiling is a way to release your emotions. When you’re bottled up, emotions come out, you feel relaxed and happy.

4- Smiling increases your level of credibility and hence, helps you in making friends easily.

5- Smiling boosts your immune system. If you fall sick easily then, try this never failing remedy of smiling.

6- Smiling lowers your heart rate.

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7- Smiling increases your life span by 7 years. It also makes you look younger. So, if you want to live longer, then smile as often you can.

8- Smiling boosts positivity and so increases the productivity. It is obvious that you will do more work when you are happy and not when you are sad. So, these are the 8 beautiful benefits that you can achieve, only if you smile.

BUT The QUESTION is how to smile often?

1- Watch animated movies, comedy films and shows.

2- Stay with friends who love to laugh and are optimistic.

3- Read comic books, such as: The Wimpy Kid, Garfield, Archie, Chacha Chaudhary etc.

4 – Spend some time with your family and share how you spent your day. You can also play games together or crack jokes!

5- Live in the moment and do not keep regretting about what has happened in the past. Also, do not think much about the future.

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6- Stay away from people who are pessimistic in nature. Such people fill you up with a lot of negativity and hence, you stay gloomy whenever you are with them.

7- New people make your life interesting. So, try making new friends.

8- Explore your hobbies and do whatever makes you feel happy.

9- Read motivating books and cultivate a positive attitude towards life. Accept challenges the way they come, into your life.

With all these small steps, I bet you, you will be smiling, always. Remember! Smile is the most beautiful ornament a person can ever have. So SMILE!! and make others smile too….!!

Sharing is Caring-