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1st Dec 2016 is a day which I will never forget in my life. This day has been cursed by me the most. On one hand, this day gave me unbearable pain, while on the other; it taught me to be strong enough to handle the difficult situation. 1st December 2016 helped me to become a better human being.

It inspired me to write positive and motivational things for the sake of readers who might be dealing with some difficult situation in their lives. Let me give you an account of that day.

It was early in the morning and we were in the hospital — my parents and I. My mother had been admitted as she had been facing breathing problem. A day before PET-CT had been done and reports were due. Around 12 noon, the reports came and we handed them nervously to the doctor.


After 15 minutes, the doctor called us and broke the saddest and most unbearable news. My mother was suffering from Lung Cancer and she was in stage 4. This news shook me. For 5 minutes, I thought like I was having a nightmare. In just a moment, someone will wake me and this sad saga would vaporize. Suddenly, my phone rang and I lost my train of thoughts to realize that all this was happening was real.

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My husband had called to enquire about mother’s health. I broke the news to him and he said he was coming to the hospital.

When my husband reached, we went to the doctor to understand how critical the situation was, only to get disappointed at what the doctor had to say.

She has a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 2 years to live. I was not able to think, not able to comprehend.

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I was thinking about how I was going to face my mother. I wanted to cry, cry like anything but I realized I could not cry in front of my parents. That time I had the need to be strong. I don’t know from where I got such strength that my eyes were full of tears but there was a smile on my face. I tried to make my father mentally strong but I knew everything was in vain.

We were back to our home. I cried and cried like hell. I fought with God how he could do this? My mother was a pure vegetarian. She never drank or smoked, nor was she a passive smoker. She regularly practiced yoga and some light exercises. Why her?? I fought with God that my mother had never done anything wrong then why was she being punished? I questioned his judgment.

Suddenly everything had come to a halt. I had no idea about how I was going to handle my father, my younger brother. I was left with a lot of questions but scant answers.


After 4-5 hours of continuously weeping, I decided not to surrender. I decided to prove the doctor wrong. I felt a new energy within, also a new found determination. Again I talked to God but this time not to complain but to challenge. I promised myself that I was not going to let this hurdle break myself or my family. This time I did not say “why me” I said, “try me.” God had put me in this difficult situation, now I would play and win, no matter what. I decided not to cry anymore. I chose to fight with great courage, a smile on face and my intense desire of being with my mother helped me go ahead.

We are still fighting. We have seen many ups and downs in this journey but life is going on. Don’t know when this battle will end but at last, we will be winners. From all these difficult situations I have learned the power of positive thoughts, determination and will power.


I have known how we can change our destiny. Also, I learned to be strong in every situation. I learned to pray for others and the most important thing, to inspire others to face the challenges of life. Today I will thank God and say “Put me in any situation but give me the STRENGTH to face it.”

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Sharing is Caring-