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Basic computer language includes input, processing and output. The output includes what you input in the system and whatever it processes.

But computers are an invention of humans, right? So maybe we have built up something that signifies us.

Our criteria and our life may have been the sole basis of this system.

This is the exact reason, we have to put our efforts to enjoy or realize anything. The output is nothing but what we give and whatever our life processes from it. But why do we fear from them, the outputs?

Are they anything surprising or something that we didn’t have ever felt? They surely become surprising sometimes but that should never restrict us from giving the inputs. Our efforts and our processes are in our hands. The wiser steps we take and the wiser process we apply better shall be the outcomes.


People are often seen stopping themselves before doing anything only because it may be an unfavourable outcome. They hesitate to start anything new that they haven’t even tried.

Now that will surely stop the risk scale of your failure but is that really worth it? How could they be sure that they shall fail?

You may fail more than once. You will realize the darkness that failure brings along. But you have only two options to survive in the darkness; either to sit quietly and wait for someone to light a spark or to be the spark yourself.

To start a thing that never came. To start a thing that was never even thought about. That’s the basic language of entrepreneurship.

But entrepreneurship isn’t the only name. Brave ideas and a courageous heart are the backbones of this single word.

The realization that you will fall is painful. The pain is disastrous. But this disaster is worthy if you have a mind that pushes you to get up and move ahead. This feeling of pressure will definitely keep your status at stake but there wouldn’t be any better day to play the gamble. Play the game and wait until the dice turns to your side. That moment would be your day and that day will turn everything. Not necessarily but definitely.

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Not immediately but certainly.

There will be no win if you never play. The thought of results is good but the fear of same is bad. You shouldn’t have any reason clouding your determination or stopping you from proceeding towards your goals. That’s what humans are made for and that’s because we are gifted with a brain which has the ability to think and differentiate between right & wrong.
Utilize it to overcome the worst and play the best. Despite whatever may be the circumstances, don’t ever kneel down for the sake of results. No result keeps the potential to stop your gigantic step towards success.


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Sharing is Caring-