Sharing is Caring-

This world is full of narrow-minded people; actually, no; because intelligent and smart people like you and me still exist. When I say narrow-minded, I mean people who only have few ideas or limited clarity on the concept of “life”. Whether this revolves around jobs, future, love or their family it basically combines everything. And this is when people start expecting things from you. Whether it’s something you can fulfill or not, whether it’s your DREAM or not.

These expectations come from those narrow-minded thoughts. You’re given only a few options to what you want (are expected!!) to become in your life. Let’s start with the basics; doctor and engineer, the only path to success. The only path that shows you, that you are the one who is talented. Parents or anyone you know sometimes become a burden. I know, I know I can’t really say that to someone who took care of me all these years and still does, but honestly, I think sometimes they take the advantage of being parents. The burden to keep them happy and the burden to be number 1 can be exhausting.


But, the thing is it’s not just parents these days. Each and everyone and everything expects from you. Every expectation is a weight put on your shoulder and soon it can drown you. So, tell me one thing, will you let these drown you or stand up for yourself and show them who you actually are? What you WANT and CAN be.

I know that sometimes telling someone the word “no.” can be hard but you have to learn to say it. For how long are you going to keep saying “yes.” to the things you don’t want to say yes to? How long are you going to let the expectations from these narrow-minded people get to you? For how long will you suffocate in this air mixed with expectations?

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People, I know that life is hard, full of obstacles but we all have a special power. And that’s courage. We all have courage so use that to stand up for ourselves! Sometimes we want to fulfill these expectations, even I do but then I realize that those things won’t make me happy. Even if they make others around me satisfied, that satisfaction normally doesn’t last long as another expectation soon comes by. That satisfaction won’t take me to the destination I want to reach in life.

So, hold your heads up high my dear friends. Make your courage your strength and let your aim be that life jacket that will save you from drowning in this mess of expectations.


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Sharing is Caring-