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How to let go of your past?

Inhale deep.
Do it. Fast. So that we get going.
Inhale deep. Now exhale.
Do this thrice.

So this is the one thing which gets variety of answers. And those answers, which they term, accordingly as ‘opinions’ and or ‘suggestions’, come from their own life experiences.
And now you’d think,
“How are we supposed to take their advice?”

My answer: Take it.
What if it turns out to do well for you?

Even if it didn’t, you could seek another advice.

Wait. Wait. Wait.
Just keep your facial muscles exercising. Keep smiling in every line you read. Yeah! That’s good.
No. Don’t drop it. Smile.
Yeah. Good.
Now let’s talk!

Exhale the hurt, Inhale the strength.

By seeking advices, are you really going to get over the worst of your past?

Oh. Okay. We were speaking on the topic. Scroll up. The headlined and bold topic you see, with a question mark. Yes. Then we started talking. Oh yes! My goodness! We are talking. But I have asked you to keep silent by keeping you smiling between the lines. I know. I am cunningly clever. Ah! Not bad, though!

Now take my words. And take them as a promise. They will come and they will advise, suggest, discuss, analyze, review, evaluate and scrutinize to give you further reviews and advices. Take my words, do only one thing then. Listen to them. Carefully. Ask them to repeat. And take heed.

Then do as you like.


Don’t let your past go. They make what you become after a deadfall. You get up. You fight. You start to care less for people who are fake. You become good for yourself, to yourself. You rise.
See! This is how it works. If you leave your past, get over it, and then you will slowly forget it. Just keep your past so darkly etched inside you that you remember it as if it happened yesterday. But don’t get over it. Fight by taking it as your strength.

And lastly, don’t drop that smile. Keep smiling in the intervals of smiling between the lines.

Now you can talk. More work for your facial muscles. And also for your fingers. Shoot me with your questions of any kind. I’ll return with answers with another smile.


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Sharing is Caring-