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The incident that has been flooding the headlines nowadays is the hair chopping incident. It has started first in the state of Rajasthan where an old lady got her hair chopped by a strange incident. She claimed that she was resting in her room and the door was locked, there was no one in the house except her and she suddenly fell asleep and woke up with a scream realizing that her hair was chopped off.

hair chopper

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This was a strange thing that happened. But due to lack of shreds of evidence, it was taken lightly. But later the incident brimmed all the headlines. They never knew that the ignorance was going to give room to many nuisance and murders. They had no idea that the incident was the root of all the coming incidents. The same incident then took place in many districts of Rajasthan.

When the limits of the evilness were crossed, the police started taking actions. The strange thing about all the incidents was they occurred suspiciously but their intention was the same. Some cases even lead to death. This was not only the end. The similar incident took place in many other states of India. Delhi, Mumbai and many more states in the north were the victims of the incident.

Some victims claimed that it was an old lady who was behind cutting the hair in order to satisfy her soul, some said it was a cat whereas some claimed it was an evil spirit. But the people who wanted a proof behind these illogical happenings came up with a concept. They said it was an insect which when lands on the scalp covered with hair, releases a chemical which causes the part of the scalp to burn and throw out all the hair and it also may lead to death.

But then this given theory was proved wrong by saying that if it was an insect, how come the hair is cut from a certain height and not from the scalp? How come the hair is cut so perfectly? Many people said it was a gang of guys doing so. But then how come the gang has reached many states?

hair chopper

          So what actually is the mystery behind these incidents? An evil spirit, cat, an old lady or an insect? After many types of researches, evidences and talks with all the victims, it was proved that this was a rumor spread to a long extent. The incident actually started from an old lady being attacked by an enemy of hers who has even murdered her. But due to ignorance, this was given way too gossips. Rumors were being made about the incident. People started doing stuff for publicity as well. Here are some proofs that will prove all the rumors wrong.

1) For all the people who said it was an evil spirit, an old lady or a cat:

Why would they cut hair, leave them there itself and leave? For satisfaction? No! The paranormal investigators say if it was so, it wouldn’t have been many states but a single state or the surrounding state. An evil spirit can never rule over such a vast region unless it’s strong enough. And if it was, it could have made everyone bald in one go.

2) People saying it’s a gang:

Yes, it is possible. And the only way to be saved is taking precautions. Where the whole world was depressed with the blue whale, these states came up with their own new thing. Most of them were rumors.

3) People who said it was an insect:

People in Rajasthan, the place where it first took place, wear pallus. How can an insect probably land on the bare scalp then? It was good that they didn’t believe illogical things but it was way too disappointing that they came up with their own new thing that was totally made up.

        So to all the readers reading this now, there’s nothing to be worried about this incident. It’s just a rumor gave much more importance than needed. You can step out of your home fear-free and be confident. There’s nothing to fear about. If you find people spreading rumors, please stop them from doing so.


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Sharing is Caring-