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Everybody loves to travel! We all go to the variety of places, every now and then. But, we never think about the impact that our trips make, on the environment. In today’s time, when tourism is quite popular, there is a need to make it environment-friendly! The high level of pollution and the extinction of the wildlife and local culture have made Eco tourism a necessity. You will be thinking, what Eco tourism actually is?



According to the International Eco tourism society, ecotourism can be defined as:

Responsible tourism to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the well being of local people.

The features of Eco tourism are as follows:

1- It leads to the minimal degradation, of the environment, of the place, that is being visited.

2- Local communities are involved in the decisions regarding, any developmental plans or projects.

3- The travelers are made aware, about the importance of conservation.

4-Through those funds that are being collected, they are used for the conservation purposes, as well as, for the economic empowerment of the locals.

5- Eco-friendly infrastructure is being used, for the minimal impact on the environment.

6- The visitors, as well as the hosts, get positive experiences.

7- Environmental friendly transport systems are used to cut the pollution levels.

8- Ecotourism also promotes, just and human working conditions, for the locals.

These features make up the soul of Eco tourism. India has a varied geography and, therefore it offers, a lot of destinations, for eco tourism. Thenmala in Kerala is the FIRST planned Eco tourism destination in India. Apart from it, a lot of states, such as Himachal Pradesh, New Delhi, Uttarakhand, Goa, Ladakh, Karnataka and some North – East States are encouraging eco-tourism. These States provide eco-friendly stays.

Tourists can halt in Eco resorts, Eco villages, home stays, Eco Lodges, camps, farms and Eco hotels and so on. With such a variety, there is no Point to say no to Eco tourism. Another reason for eco tourism to be a fun thing is the wide range of activities it involves! You can choose, from Safari, bird watching, camping, hiking, trekking, sightseeing, cultural tours, wildlife viewing and more. All of them make Eco tourism, the tourism of the day!

People, who opt for Eco tourism, are known as Eco tourists, and you can be one if you just follow the following steps:

Step 1 -read and collect information about the place you are going to visit.

Step 2– always behave well with the locals, as well as, with the wildlife.

Step 3– avoid pollution by using biodegradable materials.

Step 4– make donations to support eco-tourism and conservation.

Step 5– learn photography ethics

Step 6– always stay on the trail by following you guide.

If you master these 6 steps, you will become the most sorted Eco tourist! But always remember that, ecotourism is not just about having fun, it’s more about supporting the conservation of the environment and the local culture and traditions. It’s more of a responsibility that everyone should focus on. So this time, when you pack up your bags for a holiday, do think about being an Eco tourist…!!

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Sharing is Caring-