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At certain point in our life, we all feel nervous, helpless, depressed or even tired of finding solutions to our problems and then arrives a ray of hope that helps us to change everything with consistent efforts and willpower.

Somewhat similar happened with Mr. Jignesh Patel, 47-year-old tennis player as well as the cyclist living in Ahmedabad; an Architect, Interior Designer and Developer by profession.  The way he tackled everything and turned every negative situation into the positive one is a quality or we can say the power of positive thinking and strong willpower that we all must learn from him.

The way to see positivity even in negative situations of life is a boon that this sportsperson has received from God. How this happens is further what this article is all about.

Whatever Happens, Happens for Good; everything happens for a reason:

Every work is done well with the help of team. This shows the importance of “We” – Mr. Jignesh Patel. A person who strongly believes in combined efforts as a single man cannot achieve even his own life goals; family support is must.

At the age of 37, Mr. Patel was suffering from spondylitis and was having weight 95 kg. He had done many things to get rid of this obesity and he had a firm determination of being healthy again. It is rightly said “What you desire by heart, the universe grants it to you”. Same is the case with Mr. Patel, he got a chance while his kids Arth and Anuja joined Tennis & he grabbed this opportunity as a companion.

Sports make your mind positive and render you the strength to fight against hard situations of life. This is what Mr. Patel firmly believes in. Life is never smooth and the one who faces the downs with a smile is a real hero.

He played tennis regularly and became Gujarat State Champion in 35+ categories continuously for three years.

Then, at age of 42 he joined Cyclone Cycling Club; group of enthusiasts who love to do cycling and keep themselves healthy, fit and fine. Cycloner Jignesh Patel has completed many BRMs of up to 600 kms. He became SR twice by completing 200, 300, 400 and 600 KMS in one year. He has explored the beauty of Gujarat on cycle. Their group of cycloners have visited Polo Forest, Jambughoda , Mount Abu, Guru Shikher on cycles. They also explored Rajasthan in the Tour of Aravalis (TOA) and explored the scenic beauty of Himalayas in Manali- Leh- Khardungla (MLK) campaign with family.

Riding bicycles at such places and enjoying the nature’s beauty is fun says Mr. Jignesh Patel.   But, life is not good always and it always tests you.

Life threatening incident:

During one such BRM of 600 kms;  Jignesh was severely injured as he had fallen from a great height. His pelvic bone fractured and he had to be operated. During operation also he loved to take selfies because Jignesh thinks that this is also a turning point of life and even in that situation; smile was on his face.

His friends, family, group members, doctors in the hospital all were worried about his health but he was so calm and worry free as nothing has happened to him and it is just a mere injury which will get cured within sometime.

This willpower really turned out to be a miracle; Jignesh was successfully cured however doctors had advised not to ride anymore. 

“Passionate people always find their ways and make impossible things possible”. 

This is what happened here. One fine day he received a call from one of his group members to go for a cycle ride of BRM 200 kms, Dakor. His heart wanted to but body couldn’t.

During such time; Mrs. Leena Patel (strength of Mr. Jignesh Patel) encouraged him to follow his heart and go for the ride. He went and successfully completed the ride.  Today, even doctors who operated him are confused to see such a great miracle.

Jignesh firmly believes in a power that is within you every time and as soon as he recovered, he visited Ambaji with family to thank Goddess Amba and received her blessings and power to stay happy and healthy forever.

Celebration is Life:

Along with a Tennis Champion, expert cyclist and a strong positive personality; Jignesh is also a good husband, father, friend and companion. He believes that every occasion of life must be celebrated in a unique and memorable manner.

According to Jignesh, Marriage is a “Welding” between the couple. Hence, he calls “Wedding anniversary” as “Welding Anniversary”.

Hence, on every special occasion such as birthday, anniversary; the entire family goes out for one day picnic or spend the entire day at any natural place living amidst nature having lots of fun and masti.

“A positive person can definitely change the way life is leading him”.

How Sports helped Mr. Patel transform his life and lead to a better path?

According to him, a Sport teaches you certain Mind tricks that help you tackle the problems of life with a smiling face. These tricks are as follows:

  • Train your mind to accept defeat. This creates Sportsman spirit.
  • Sports prompt you to think properly and take an appropriate decision.
  • Think 100 times before taking any action and once you decide; stop thinking.
  • Now think how you will do it.
  • Make strategies to gain success.
  • Forget competition, Be Friends
  • Always know your priorities
  • Sports frames your mind and with that mind you can win your game
  • Compete with your own.
  • Create new goals for self.
  • Avoid all barriers that mind creates
  • Sports’ is an act where mind and body have equal roles to play. When one is tired other has to be ready.
  • Always go behind the thing that is inbuilt in you.
  • Sport teaches us to care for each other. It teaches us to be united.
  • Maintain balance between aggression and calmness
  • Give appropriate task to appropriate people
  • Sport teaches you to say Yes or No at proper time.
  • Sacrifice
  • Thinking of positive people:” It is ok, better hard-work next time”. They never say they failed, they say we just learned a lesson which will help us to rectify our mistakes.
  • It shows how to follow the preaching of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta in our daily life.
  • Keep on celebrating. It gives you power.
  • “Safar to Success” which means Journey to success (journey is known as “Safar” in Hindi).
  • Believe in Gain only.
  • Apply 10% extra efforts for every 10% extra work.

I believe these tricks will help everyone as it has helped Jignesh to get a fit, happy and healthy life at the age of 47.


Final Note:

Hope you enjoyed this article. Such real-life motivation examples are hard to find and if you get a chance to learn from them; always grab it because people learning at every step of life are rare in this world. There are very few who know what they want to do in life and this is what Jignesh Patel did and today he is happy than before.

Thanks to La Vida for conducting such a wonderful motivational session and thanks to Mr. Jignesh Patel for giving this youth something new.

Sharing is Caring-