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Who is a teacher?

There are endless definitions of a teacher. They are the Gurus. They are our ideals. They are role models as well as our shapers. There is no such word which can describe their real essence.

Mothers give birth, but teachers give the real reason of our birth. They prepare us and shape us for future. The things that we aren’t able to share with parents can easily be shared with teachers and they give true advice and satisfactory answers to all our quarries. They not only teach the lessons of syllabus but they also teach LESSONS OF LIFE.

They share their own experiences with us so that we can see the path when we are in the same situation. The energy and power they pass to their students are the reason for the success of students.


They TOLERATE a lot of things during their life span. They have to listen top level as well as they have to face some mischievous students who mock them. Teachers are given funny names by which they are bullied. Still, they never complain. So the quality of TOLERANCE is above everything else.

So many teachers are quitting their jobs nowadays. Following are the reasons for it:-

  1.  WORK ENVIRONMENT: – Teachers need a silent, peaceful and calm environment to teach the children. But it becomes really very tough to handle so many students and maintaining silence at the same time.
  2.  NO ENOUGH SUPPORT: – Teachers are not supported enough. Students think of them only when their need is realized. There is lack of disciplined students.
  3.  NO RESPECT: – Teachers are given the place of gurus. But the same teachers are bullied in the class. They are not welcomed in the class with greetings anymore. Neither are they thanked for what they taught. They are respected only on teachers’ day.
  4.  NO QUALITY TEACHINGS: – Teachers are supposed to complete their syllabus within a time limit. They are not able to impart qualitative teachings to their students. They can only teach what a text book or reference book says.
  5.  PROFESSION NOT VALUED: – If anyone says “I am perusing B.Ed.” they are not valued as they were before. Being a teacher is not appreciated much nowadays. Though it is the most difficult profession.

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Let’s promise on this TEACHERS DAY; that no teacher would leave their profession for not getting enough respect. Imagine the world without a teacher. No matter where the technology reaches; there is no one who can replace teachers. Let’s celebrate their presence by appreciating them for who they are and what they made out of us.

By this medium, I would love to thank all my teachers for teaching me discipline, manners, my rights, my responsibilities. There is so much to be thankful for. But I am lacking with the words.


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Sharing is Caring-