Sharing is Caring-

There are times in life when in spite of working very hard and trying all the efforts to succeed, one is not able to attain the desired results. Sometimes, one even gets caught in issues and problems that could have easily been escaped. There may be times when one fails to create the conducive environment around in spite of all the honest efforts.

There are few things that are really inevitable but there are few other things which may be turned in a positive direction by creating positive energy around us. This may sound little weird to some but I have personally experienced the noticeable impacts of these small things and changes.  Some call it by the name Chinese Feng Shui and some call it Indian Vaastu, but I believe in their scientific validity and therefore recommend it to be followed to the extent easily possible.

Before going any further I would like to emphasize the most important point for any home or office, that is, keep it clutter free and organized.

Unless and until you do it, every effort to create positive energy will go into vain. Remove any unwanted or damaged object that cannot be repaired.  The directions are very important and one can easily find it using a compass or by downloading the compass app in their mobiles.

The entrance of the house is most important and is responsible for creation of maximum positive energy. The energy that enters from the main doors fills the house like water entering in the house and carries the energy of whatever falls in its way, either negative or positive. Therefore, in this blog, I am going to tell the important points to be kept in mind related to the entrance of the house.

Firstly there are some points which need to be kept in mind if one intends to construct or purchase a house:

  • The entrance of the house is best in North and East sides.
  • Entrance gate should be heavier, stronger and bigger than other doors of house.
  • The main gate should never face intersecting roads.
  • There should not be any obstruction in the entrance gate with things like poles, tree, wires and vehicles.
  • Lift of building should not face the entrance.
  • No wall should obstruct in front of the main gate.
  • Avoid self-closing door.
  • The best material for the main gate is Teak.
  • The main door should always open inwards.
  • Avoid any under-water or septic tanks under the main entrance.
  • The entrance of house should not face temple.

Now, these are some general points that must be kept in mind even if you are living in a rented accommodation:

  • Keep the entrance clutter free and tidy to make the surrounding positive
  • The entrance should never be dark and ensure that this place is well lit throughout.
  • Avoid keeping garbage or dustbin near the entrance.
  • The main gate should not make any creaky noise.
  • Embellish the main door with Om and Swastik or a symbol that combines om, trishul and swastik on either side of the main door.

Even if you are not a firm believer of such things you can give it a try. Mind it, there are no side effects. In the coming blogs I’ll be sharing few more tips and tricks to fill your home with positivity. Till then, stay energized and positive.


Sharing is Caring-