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While interviewing celebrities for Doordarshan, I got a chance to meet a lot of well-known celebrities. My beat was Art & Culture and we focused on people who were self-made and an inspiration to the nation. One such acquaintance during this time was with Miss Shubhi Mehta. A motivational speaker, anchor, and actress – Shubhi is a jubilant young woman. She carries a lot of positive energy and is quite an influence.

I clearly remember chatting with her, in Room No. 16 (makeup Room) of Doordarshan Bhavan, before the interview. She was humbly sharing her experiences of shooting for the Shahrukh Khan Chak De.

Shubhi Mehta

Editor of Boost Thyself Surabhi Pandey with Subhi Mehta

She had vivid memories of King Khan and she said that she learnt a lot from him, not only in terms of acting but also with respect to being a good human being. She said:

“Mr. Khan taught me the importance of roots. Being attached to your grounds and never letting success enter your head are two keys to a happy life.”

Shubhi threw no tantrums and in fact was way too co-operative, which is rare quality in TV/Film personalities. She was kind enough to discuss with me about my career plans and encourage me to pursue my ultimate goal. Out of all the things that we talked about, one thing remains with me even today. She said,

“It is extremely important for women in India, in fact in the world, to be independent and self sufficient. Never settle, always look ahead for more.”

These words inspire me event today to keep working towards my goals. She further added

“Nothing is too easy to obtain, neither is anything too difficult to let go. We must be prepared for the best as well as the worst in life.”

Shubhi is a woman of substance. Whatever small or big has come her way, she has delivered her best to it. Be it Bollywood projects, commercial ads, Motivational speaking, hosting events – Shubhi gives her best.

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I, as an aspiring writer/journalist/Anchor/Speaker, draw a lot of motivation from this wonderful woman. She made me realize the importance of positivity in life. You do not need a God Father in any industry to excel. Be your own God Father and build your destiny!


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Sharing is Caring-