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Parents can make their children a hero by empowering them.

Have you ever wondered why girls like pink and boys prefer blue? Why do girls like to play with Barbie dolls and boys with guns? Why are girls said to be the epitome of love and boys of power?

Believe it or not but it was not their choice initially. We are the ones who forced it upon them. We are the ones who influenced or changed the way they live. Their life has changed in such a way that they are not even aware of it.

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Do we really have the power to influence the mind of young ones?

This is the question for which I was desperately trying to find an answer. So let’s hope we could get an answer from this story I am going to share with you all. You must have heard about the famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison. One day his teacher handed him a letter and asked him to give it to his mom. When his mother read that letter, tears started rolling down her cheeks. When this young boy asked, “What is written on this paper”? His mom said that your teacher has written, “Your child is a genius. Our school may not be able to nurture his talent. So I would suggest you teach him at home.”

After many years when his mother died he found that letter accidentally.  He opened it to read and it was written actually written, ‘Your child is addled. We can’t teach him anymore.’ He cried after reading this because all those years his mother lied and told him that he was a genius.

Yes, this simple sentence changed his life in a very dramatic way because years later he invented many devices. More than a hundred patents are there in his name. This shows how a mother changed the course of her child’s life. How a mentally ill boy turned into a genius.

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Children are like clay, and we can mold them into different shapes. Children start learning by imitating. They closely watch our actions and words and try to imitate them.

Parents are their first teachers who teach them the first letter and its pronunciation. Parents teach them to love and respect everyone. They not only do this but they also indirectly teach them to think in a certain way. Environment plays a great role in shaping the children. So it’s very important to care for our young ones because somewhere we play a vital role in deciding how they will lead their life.

Now I would like to move on to the above questions that why girls and boys think separately and they have their own likes and dislikes. We treat girls and boys differently. We always choose the pink color for girls and blue for boys from the time when they open their eyes in this world. Children see that color very often and they get accustomed to that particular color. For girls, we buy Barbie dolls but for boys we buy guns. So it’s human psychology nothing else.



A few days ago I was watching videos of Rebel Girls. They were saying that something is wrong with our fairy tales. What would it be like if Cinderella was a boy?

We read tales where a charming Prince rescues a girl. He is her savior. Though boys don’t need anyone because they are muscular and strong and can fight on their own. In every single story boy’s character is dominant whereas we portray girls as “bechari” who wait for their hero to rescue them from problems and difficult situation. Girls have all the potential and can do everything but the problem is that we never taught them this. So it’s highly important to tell stories about them from the very beginning when women used to have all the authority to do anything and they were the heroes of their own lives.

Stories of girls leading their life with self-sufficiency can imbibe them with the immense power which can shape their future. So it’s very important to nurture your child very carefully. Always appreciate whatever they are doing because our words have a magical power to turn the course of their life.

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“Let your baby girl know that she does not need a man around all the time to feel safe and protected. Let your girl be her own hero. She should feel safe and comfortable in her own skin.”

Once it gets settled in their subconscious mind that they can do anything, they are the hero of their lives, they can achieve anything in their life, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a girl or boy. Because we do not need damsels in distress. We need women who can take care of themselves.

Let’s empower every child with thoughts that can change their direction.


Sharing is Caring-