Sharing is Caring-

Many times, neighbours prove to be more useful than your family because they are the one who comes to know about your problems first. Some neighbours become more like a family. In this era of jealousy and competition, it’s very difficult to find someone who really has a crystal clear heart. And in this case, a neighbour who’s very good-hearted and selfless is very hard to find. Many of them really lack the sense of minding their own business.

So here are some points that show that your neighbour is not really the perfect one and how to get through them.

1) If your neighbour aunty never stops you and greet you and ask you to go safely, she’s not really the good type of neighbour. The one who stops and asks you about your life and aim is also the same. They are so selfish that they can really make you get late but they’ll never stop irritating you.

The best way to get rid of them is silence. But silence actually seems rude so you can just smile and try to reply with a very small answer rather just close the topic with a yes or a no.

2) If you don’t exchange food, you’re not really blessed with a good neighbour. Rather the neighbour aunty will come and talk about the cuisines she has cooked. But there is not really any way to stop this. You just need to have a good relationship with your neighbour. If they don’t forward their hand, you try to make something special and pass them forwarding a hand towards friendship.


3) If you are afraid of sharing your problem with them fearing of them gossiping about you, you are staying near a devil. In this case, it’s really hard being alone and not finding anyone to talk to you at your hardest times. At such times just stay strong and try to be sarcastic enough so that the opposite person don’t dare to gossip about you.

4) If your neighbour doesn’t scold you, they don’t really consider you as your child. A good neighbour always keeps scolding you as their own child. But if not, it’s fine to just let the relation be formal.

5) If you don’t really hesitate to go inside your neighbour’s house, you are going right then. Neighbours should be more like a family.

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6) You don’t freak out when you see your neighbour seeing you at a place where you shouldn’t be. If this doesn’t happen then it’s clear that the communication is a bit weak between the neighbours.

7) Your friends are guests to them. A neighbour is never a good neighbour if they don’t consider your friends as theirs. You should always introduce them as your family member.

8) If they don’t know your schedule they don’t really care. The best advice is staying away and being Hi-five friends.

So these were some of the types of neighbours below and some ways to handle the awkward situations.


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Sharing is Caring-