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Have you ever faced a situation where you find yourself surrounded by the list of things to be done with expiring deadlines even though you were sure you are on top of all these things? Such situations, where a person is left guessing where all his or her time went and how can he/she be better at managing time to avoid missing a deadline in the future is not an uncommon sight.

If you are like me, then you might have already tried a variety of time management methodologies to stay in charge. However, I have never felt the desired results from them. In the past, I have started following a time management technique but ended up with more pending work. This is not time management techniques are supposed to work. All these theories expect a lot from a person with very little or unsatisfactory results.

I have concluded with my failed experiments with various time management techniques, that all these glorified theories neglect a very crucial factor, i.e.Balance.

Recently I came across a very effective time management theory, known as Pickle Jar Theory, and I found it very helpful for myself with my random schedule as a Freelance Writer. What enticed me most was its focus on a properly balanced lifestyle and therefore helping me to work through the day without any stress.

Stress can take up a lot of your time if you are not aware of what to do next. Time management is basically a skill to manage time easily and staying stress-free. Most people become frustrated if anything unexpected shows up on their schedule as they might feel overwhelmed.

Rest assured, you are not alone if you can relate to above scenario. Most people face a similar problem in their day to day life. You must be wondering if this is true then how do people who seem to have all in control manage their time. The best possible answer that you can get is the Pickle Jar theory.

What is Pickle Jar Theory

Let’s assume a pickle jar filled with large rocks as a symbol of your life. Next, put some small marbles into the jar. You will notice marbles will fit in the space between the large rocks. Now, fill the jar with sand. The sand will set in the remaining spaces left in the jar. If you are thinking by now the jar is completely filled, then try pouring a glass of water into the jar. To your surprise, water will fit right in!

Pickle jar theory advocates about prioritizing and focusing on important things in your life like the rocks. This will make sure that you are able to meet important deadlines without any stress. The marbles, sand, and water symbolize less important things in that order in your life. You can choose accordingly how much time to spend on each activity based on their importance.

pickle jar theory

You can understand the importance of above theory if you try to fill the jar in reverse order. For example, start filling the jar with water first, followed by sand. You will notice that there is no space for rocks or even marbles for that matter.

This is Pickle Jar Theory. The pickle jar represents your life or even your daily routine. The rocks are the important things in your life like your family, health, relationships or even major decisions related to your profession. Pebbles, sand and water come next on your priority list.

We can start with guarantying by taking care of priorities initially, followed by focusing on the least important things. It helps with proper scheduling of day to day tasks and even managing your life. Following this theory is a great way to lead a relaxed life with no struggle managing your life.

The best part of the pickle jar time management theory is that it does not require any gadget to track your time. You will be able to judge your work manually. If you want, you can still write your priorities somewhere on board or paper in a decreasing order as a reminder.

Essential Take-Aways

This time management theory let you focus on important aspects of your life while helping you spare extra time on little or unimportant things which would normally consume most of your time.

It is better to live your life to the fullest by enjoying the important things in life by not living around packed schedules with unnecessary work. Think of your daily schedule as a pickle jar. You can consider your entire life as a pickle jar.

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Live every day thinking about the rocks in your pickle jar. Think about the things that are most important that you absolutely need to focus on during the day or in your life. Make them your priority. Keep yourself updated with the status of those little marbles and spend your extra time on them. Work on water and sand when you have nothing else to do as these are the things that might not have an expiry date and shall happen, one way or the other.

Never over burden yourself, learn to delegate the work to reduce the stress in your life.

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Sharing is Caring-