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Hi, beautiful readers!

I am back with a smile to make you smile. This blog should not make you restless and must drive away negative thoughts. I am not here to accuse anyone of his/her body shape or size as living with any body structure is no crime.

But here is one thing that most people overlook or rather, they opt to ignore. The plump had started a campaign of body shaming which is now applicable to the slim ones. Body shaming is no less a crime. And you can help yourself from being a subject to this. If you are overweight, or underweight, you should stop feeling bad. You do not have to be proud either. Sometimes, you should take their criticisms supportively and show your ability. Very few people do this. They hear criticisms and they work hard to stand affront and show the critics their true worth. And about these people, we read often.

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My dear pretty “smilers”, it is important to see a doctor if you are under or over weight. And those who are overweight but not due to any medical reasons, you have to know that not exercising will not help you. You may fight body shaming but you will not be able to fight the risks that you would welcome by your lifestyle that does not include workouts.   

To keep the risks at bay, I have been following a work regime with some cautious food habits. Trust me; your laziness will be tackled. And your life style will have no huge change except the results. So, let this be a challenge!


Here are the tricks that I have adopted. I have listed them below.

  1.  Morning drink – In warm water, take 1 teaspoon honey. Mix it well. And drink this in empty stomach.
  2.  Stretching – after having the drink, do stretching. An easy one. Inhale while raising your heels and hands. Try to stand on your toes for 2secs. Exhale while bending and try to touch your feet. Try to stay for at least 5secs. Repeat it for 5times.
  3. Running – Neither you need a treadmill, nor you have to go to the park. Stand at one place and start jogging for a continuous 5mins. You can reduce it to 3mins in the beginning. Then rest for 1min. then run at the same place for a continuous 3mins.

In a day, apart from the morning drink, take green twice. It is totally add on effect.

That’s it. I had successfully lost 2kgs in a month. These tricks are neither high intensity nor the waste of time.

What are you waiting for? Get on the challenge and see the results.


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Sharing is Caring-