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“You need to start earning for the family, what have you planned to do in life?”

“You are a boy, we expect you to become an Engineer, Doctor or a Chartered Accountant”

“Your passion and interest can’t help you to earn enough.”

“Beta, study well, you need to pursue the science stream”


“You are giving board exams this year and look at your preparation!”

“90% is a standard now, you need to get above that.”

“ If you don’t score well, you won’t qualify for any good university.”

“This year the corrections are going to be even tougher and without any modulation.”


Sorry to begin with such scary opening statements. I had to.

It’s surprising how, even though we have many such articles around us talking about studies and its pressure and how students react due to such fears, but it has still not brought a change in our household.

After all of those numerousSharma JI ka beta’ jokes, it hasn’t really made a worth-while difference in the thinking pattern of the society we are a part of.

I studied in CBSE School so you might have guessed what I am indicating now. I was lucky to never be pressurized about my dreams and career. But when I look around, I see my friends still stuck about what they want to do in life.

I can’t completely disagree that the expectations parents keep from children are incorrect, because somewhere their words do make sense, but maybe not a lot in today’s world given the kind of opportunities that we have in the 21st century thanks to technology and global connectivity.

Engineer, Doctor, Pilot, CA everything is becoming so much overrated now. Parents may think that spending money and getting their child into a medical college is the best option, but what if the child never had the interest to study medicine, what if he ends up just becoming an average student when he studies what you as a parent wish.


Everyday there are hundreds of students who become an Engineer or a CA around the world, what makes you feel that your son/daughter would definitely get the job?! How can you be sure that they shall make the cut?

They don’t just say that an engineer became an autowala (a person who drives a motor rickshaw) etc. It does happen for real. It may be because the person did not get a suitable job according to his/her qualifications or because the person was never keen to pursue a career on the basis of education.

However, due to a mind-set which is conditioned with the norms made by the “society “our thoughts are never independent.

What if your child had a strong interest in the field of literature? Or Economics?

You might have spent all your money to make him an engineer, and still he would be walking on roads finding a job. The dream you had to live a good life has now become a nightmare. Maybe if you as a parent ever sat with him and asked what he could and wanted to do in life, he would have been much successful today.

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Parents guidance needs to be supportive and not a destruction to a child life or career.

A mistake or wrong decision taken once, will forever change one’s life.

Education and choice of career affect one’s life in a lot of ways, irrespective of gender. What a person visualized for themselves is one of the most important facts in the real world. No career is big or small. Choices may seem too safe or too risky, depending on perspective and also ability of an individual.  

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]If performing an operation is a huge task, so is writing a song and performing it in front of the world. Though one saves a life, the other gives strength to move ahead in life.[/perfectpullquote]

Let a person’s life be driven by their own interests and passions, rather than somebody else’s expectations which may only be fulfilled half-heartedly and lead to a sad end.


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Sharing is Caring-