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I love those people who ask questions. I love those people who seek for answers not just accept any fact without analyzing it. I love their rational minds. But, I guess because of my sheer dumb luck I only know few of them.

They can be atheists who have a different perception of the religious beliefs or can be those who don’t like the rules, ‘Follow the Herd’, can be those who hate the way this Plastic life of ours go.

These kinds of people are gems. They have that anger in them. They have the capabilities. They have the logics. They can bring change. They are the change, of course.


But, the question is where are they?

Are they stuck in the system they hate? Are they struggling for the hard pay? Or have they killed the rage inside of them? Or maybe their rage can’t make out of their rooms.

My parents haven’t appreciated me when I told them that “I want to change the world by my music”. To them, that was an Outcast Thought. Maybe puerile too. Because they fear, the thoughts that I have in my mind will never be appreciated by the society. Similarly, some parents didn’t even know that their daughter writes poems about feminism and some of the parents don’t know that the wound their son got was not from falling off his cycle but from saving his classmate from some seniors who were bullying him.

Why parents or guardians haven’t got to know about the ‘REAL’ them is, because unfortunately, they teach them to be coward and selfish. And by these ways, an individual starts getting demoralized about his or her unique way of life. They slowly understand whatever they have studied in the Moral Science doesn’t get applied in real life situations. Slowly they realize that Right To Express, in reality, is “Right to Express things that don’t offend religious groups, caste or a powerful man”. Slowly they will realize that they are just Registration Numbers and here only Robotic Skills are appreciated, then they will become anti-social, dull, and the rage inside of them from a long suffocation finally dies.

But who cares? Yeah, NOBODY.

And, this makes an individual feel that, ’If nothing’s going to make any difference then why should I fight?’

And these thoughts are prevailing in young minds, and that is very unfortunate.

So, the first thing these young rebels need to understand that, “They need to get involved”. You can’t change this conventional system by only just complaining about it from the outside, you need to get involved in it. You need to understand the roots, need to be patient and work constantly for it.

And here the ‘Never Give Up’ spirit is also necessary because from failures they can get disheartened.

A positive attitude. Always ready to fight attitude.

I know all these things sound philosophical but the best thing about them is that ‘they all work’.

Every single person who has this in them that they can do something for the betterment of humanity should again introspect themselves.

So if you can have these rebellious thoughts in yourself then keep them alive and do work in that direction. And if you are newly inspired then all you need to do is,

Light the rage inside of you and get ready to burn yourself.


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Sharing is Caring-