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Domestic violence

We speak little about it, when we come to know we start empathizing, but who are really helping out the victims free from that suffering.

Most of the households are aware, women are treated badly, out of the customs and traditions, they become prone and get used that pain on daily or weekly, even for months or almost all day… No voice should be heard, or known to others outside the room or house.

The superior gender might do any mischief, come drunk to home, have affairs, but the weaker gender has to bear or compromise with him to stay.

domestic violence has a name

We are all taught that a women’s life is after her marriage

Looking back to early times, after marriage the girl’s home and world is only related to her husband and his family.  Whatever happens she should adhere to them. This is what is taught to every girl.

Though times are changing there is no change in the attitude of people.Domestic violence is still prevalent. The blame doesn’t go only to illiterates in villages but also applicable to those who are educated but behave in same manner.

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In reality, there are many issues hovering all around us, we read or watch and feel sorry.

While one suffers badly, the other takes pleasure out of it.

When she gathers strength and courage to fight back, she will be grounded with false allegations or weaved in time stories etc…  Or even more, trying to suppress the actual facts.

domestic violence based on appearance

we are all beautiful but colour is now a priority more than character

Many laws have come to bring change and justice, but to get that justice, the women has to suffer more proving her reality in front of hundred people or more as to what happened inside the four walls between two people. Such a pity!

She hopes for good, thinking she will get justice, but she has to ruin herself for years to get that one judgment, she suffers, her family, kids too.

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Why can’t this be immediate?

 With dragging it longer who is getting benefitted? I still hear the words from granny, men can live anyway no one asks, but women cannot be same… Why this difference?

Though her mistake is not there she suffers at times, but at what cost??

 Some bear, few become lunatic, some may go into shock or depression, and few might commit suicide or hang themselves giving up forever. Now it has become common, everyone talks but who are actually adapting or following it. In every family some or the other is facing this issue. How many really got justice?

domestic violence done to married women

Marriage is no longer a relation. It’s submission.

Even if women have suffered, she is only blamed but not the person who did it. When she stays separate for safety, then also people talk about her, when she wants to move ahead in her life her future becomes scary, thinking that she would be misjudged by her past.

People might think, why I’m mentioning only about women, though few of the same gender are taking advantage, the only focus is about the women who are really suffering and waiting for justice.

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Can’t we expect good times in near future?

Women come with many dreams to matrimonial home, treat her with respect, communicate and share, create a bond, if you are tired or frustrated do not show that anger on the other.

domestic violence leads to mental abuse

Why cannot an Indian woman too have the best of both worlds?

Each of you are busy with your own responsibilities, it’s you who has to take care & see to that smile and happiness in the family lasts forever leading to a simple and content life.

 As the head of the family, you decide how you want your family to be, it’s in your hands how you mould and how you want it to be.


Stop violence, spread love essence with your presence!

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Sharing is Caring-