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If I am seen in public it causes embarrassment and aunties get topic to chit-chat about!!

Guess who am I?

A bra strap!

According to the ‘sanskari society’, a bra strap is an inappropriate object worn by women and if seen in public, it causes disturbance in the society and the woman maybe raped or worse, called a ‘slut’.

I think a bra straps has got the most difficult and important responsibility than anyone else in this world. Also a bra strap is really dangerous. You want to know why?

Because a bra strap holds the ‘dignity’ of a girl. The so-called ‘izzat’ is gone if the strap is seen in public. If the responsibility is carried out well by the strap, then the woman becomes the most respected woman a.k.a, a dignified lady. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]But if the strap fails to hide itself under the clothes then the same woman is called a slut, a bimbo and a despo. And dangerous because people believe that crimes like rape happens because of the notorious bra strap[/perfectpullquote]

. Our macho men (not all of them, thank God!) with cheap mentality strongly believe that a bra strap is the license that allows you to rape and do whatever you desire with a girl. Isn’t bra strap a solid proof that tells us that she is an object or a toy for you to play with?

See, I told you a bra strap has got themost difficult task. In other words it saves women from being raped and you guys know very well that in this land of ‘sanskars’ being raped is a HUGE issue. Rape causes loss of dignity and respect. It is a hindrance to the self-development process.

Now I am done with this blasphemous ‘sanskari’ talk and it’s time to be real and more meaningful.


A bra strap’s got nothing to do with dignity and respect JUST LIKE A GUY’S PUBLIC DISPLAY OF HIS BOXERS HAS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS DIGNITY OR RESPECT. Nor does it cause rape in the society. I wear bra for my own comfort and not for the men to drool over by seeing it. It’s for my breast and not for your pleasure.

(GASP!! I said something not ‘sanskari’ on a social platform!)

Yes, I said the word ‘breast’ and I am NOT guilty about it.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]We live in a country where kissing people in public is a shameful act but, beating people in public doesn’t even bother them.[/perfectpullquote]

So how can we even expect people to be okay with a bra strap showing in public? Showing of a bra strap is a taboo in this nation. Honestly, I think bra-showing should come with a warning, “Do not try this at home or in public if you don’t want to be homeless or called a slut.” Plus, “Done by professionals.” No seriously, it is a daring stunt indeed.

Astronauts have reached the moon, found the existence of life in other planets but, our country is still finding fault in our bra straps.

To be honest, I don’t blame you for this because it isn’t really your fault. But it is the fault of the surrounding you were brought up in; the cheap thinking that people labeled as sanskar and taught you about. It is the fault of the narrow-minded people whose brain does not have the capacity to think more than anything but a bra strap and its fault.

A person is never born dumb. The circumstances or the surrounding makes him so. Also a person is never too old to learn something and it is better late than never. Change your mentality as you still have time now. Get rid of the nauseating thinking and trust me you will feel better and lighter. Fight for what is right because,

You should be the change you wish to see!

And the next time if anyone tells you that your bra strap is showing just tell that your cheap mentality is reflecting!

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Sharing is Caring-