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It was very rightly said by APJ Abdul Kalam that, Dream is not what you see in sleep but it’s a thing which doesn’t let you sleep. Nowadays, you often see people running for their work each morning and they burn mid night oil in order to fulfill their needs of life but people running after their dreams is observed once in a blue moon.

Perhaps, it has become the mind sets of the individuals in the modern era that finding success in dreams is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, they believe that one should work for their necessities than working for their fantasies or something that they may be truly passionate about.


But have you ever thought that where would Mukesh Ambani or Bill Gates be today if they would have thought the same way?

The answer you have is a big NO, not because you haven’t thought about this but because you fear to take such huge risks. Your internal fear has overpowered your dreams and your fantasy world. Moreover, you have given your fear the chance to WIN or over-power you. 

Almost everyone who is educated will earn a livelihood for themselves and their family but what if one day your child does not agree to your thoughts and beliefs. What if he questions you about what you had dreamt of and at that particular time, can you really confront him for not achieving your dream? Or will you be strong enough to explain to your child, that you failed to take risks so; you backed away from your dream.

But let me tell you a secret about it now, you will neither be explaining the honest reason to your child because if you’re not courageous enough to take the risk for your dreams, you’re not even strong enough to face and explain the true and the genuine reason of your failure to your child.

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So, let’s just escape from our inner terrors and run to win from others and not to defeat them because defeating someone is everyone’s piece of cake but winning is just the opposite. Further, if you still can’t run after your day dreams for yourself then think about my above questions and sprint for your future generations so that you’re not among the ones who are answerable to their upcoming creations.

The risk today will be your luxury tomorrow and your weakness shall become your strength tomorrow. Ensure that you make a smart choice for your present as well as your future.  


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Sharing is Caring-