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Today, instead of giving my opinions, I wish to ask you as an audience to share with me your opinion on this topic too (before you read this blog).
So, do morning dreams really come true? Or is all of this superstition?

Firstly, why Superstition? It could be true, right?

I heard this somewhere the other day, when you translate superstition in Hindi you get the word, ‘andhavishvaas’ which in itself has the ‘vishvaas’ which means belief.

When you believe something even if it is completely wrong in the eyes of the world, it will always seem right to you.

Having faith in something, helps you to pass through every situation.

Mahatma Gandhi had faith in non-violence and fought for independence in that form only till the end. Bill Gates had a vision, a vision he had faith on. Narendra Modi, Mukesh Ambani, Barack Obama, Simon Cowell, they all had a belief, not bound to a religion but bound to what they do in life, and today they are where their belief took them.


Morning dreams are just like any other dream, which if believed in or given importance then it comes true with your strong desire to be close to that dream.

And this is something I realized today, I saw a dream last night where on a busy day and a busy road my friend was driving to work and a vehicle crashes with him and he gets injured in a critical condition. Frightened by this morning dream, I began to shed tears in fear, until I messaged a friend to share my thoughts with. And she told me (in an indirect way) that such things don’t come true until you want them to come true.

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We all blame uneducated people for believing in such balderdash, but its irony that a large population of rich and educated people believe in such things as ‘Shubh Murat’ and “Subah ka Sapna’. We say that we want our country to become more developed but firstly we need to develop our own thoughts from believing in something that has no value in reality.

Remember, ‘It is all in your mind’ Sometimes when you over think about a situation and the possibilities of something bad or wrong to happen, we end up attracting negative forces into our lives, and such negativity control our faith and thoughts. We begin to have faith that we would fail, and that is the point where we lose our confidence.


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Sharing is Caring-