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I don’t know how many of you know this but this is the name of a popular game series, but while I played this game for the past 7 days for at least 10 hours a day, and finally completed it, every time I used to start a mission, It used to play a goofy sound,’Devil May Cry’. And every time it gave me goosebumps. And it took 10 days of gaming meditation to figure it out and turn into words.

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It is a proven psychological fact that every person exists and has two forms, The one who everyone thinks he is, and the other one who that person really is. And only 1% percent of people in this world exist and both their forms coincide. We tend to call the first form angel because it is a person made and molded by the people around us and their comfort, and the inner one devil because it is not fit for anyone else.

But what will happen when someday, and this someday comes in everyone’s life, when Devil may cry, when it may scream and hurt you no matter how much you try cannot do anything?

The inner you were a devil made by other people, but is and always will be an angel to yourself. Because devil, angel, God or human is just a matter of perspective because there is always a Demon God,  and there are people who consider some human Gods. Even the terrorists are protecting their Gods. Ironical, isn’t it? Everything in this world is relative.


So no matter at what point you are in life, you can be a success and a failure at the same time at the same point.

So, all you need to do is look at yourself from the eye of your own soul, because if you want to be an angel, you need to have a stable soul. It will lead to a stable mind. And a sound body and a stable mind are being an angel in your own world. And that is all that will ever matter.

You can withstand a thousand storms outside,

But just one gentle breeze and you will collapse,

with everything you have,

Mind, body, and soul.

That is truly the power of Demon inside you.

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“It is our choices that truly determine who we truly are far more than our abilities”, and at every given point you get a choice. You get a choice to choose what is right and what is easy.

And when that choice comes your way,

That is exactly when you mold yourself into the person you will become forever.

Choose wisely.

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Sharing is Caring-