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It has been said that depression will be a major problem from 2019, in a research. And 2019 is upon us. Alarming! Depression is like a self-imposed exile where we are prisoners. How to overcome depression is the question of today? Mainly teenagers and people in tweens are targets. And the young generation is the future of tomorrow. It’s more like an illness that prevails in society and is often ignored.

Depression is like a self-imposed exile where we are prisoners. How to overcome depression is the question of today? Mainly teenagers and people in tweens are targets. And the young generation is the future of tomorrow. It’s more like an illness that prevails in society and is often ignored.

Expectations only lead to disappointments” and as the saying goes it has been rightly said – depression starts with disappointments. We all want to excel, we are all competitive not only just us but our parents are more into us. They have many expectations from us(students) and trying to conquer our aim. We give our best, and if we don’t achieve what we have invested in we feel so out of place that we start staying aloof, we feel ashamed to talk about our failures.

To overcome such situation we have to ‘talk’. Staying mum is not the way out. We have to open up to someone we look up to, or we are comfortable with. It is very important to unload these things from our chest. Burying it there will only make it worse.

Here’s anecdote of my life, I wanted to do MBBS, unfortunately, I got into BDS. I was very depressed, and I was too shy to talk about my predicament so I started talking to my diary. I wrote everything – blogs, poems and this gave birth to my passion for writing and today  I am a co-author of a book that holds Vajra World record.

Every tragedy is a blessing in disguise. So accept failure, as failures are the stepping stone to greatness. Remember “you’re not alone” Dwayne Johnson( THE ROCK) said so. He has been through it after his failure in promising rugby career but that didn’t stop him. He started wrestling to make it to the screen and now has fans from all over the world. He wished, If He had someone to at least say ” Hey, it’s gonna be okay”! Find someone to listen to you and say “it’s gonna be okay”

  • Love

Another important part of our lives. We are alive because of ‘Love’. A single hug releases endorphins in our bodies to keep us going. We love someone with all our heart, so genuinely and due to some reason or other, they leave us.As breakups are never easy, the untimely demise of relationship can turn your world upside down. People may lose interest in work. Breakups are again leading problem to add in the list of depressants.

They get insomniac, lose interest in studies, work and everything they once loved to do. I know it is said love happens only once but think that it was not love, but infatuation or think of it as unhealthy relation that God wanted to save you from.

If a person you loved so much didn’t bother to leave you that clearly indicates person didn’t actually love you. Or may be you can work it out by keeping ego aside. A relationship lacks everything, if it has ego. And break up is not the end of the world. There are many people out there still looking for true love. To deal with break up is not easy, but you have to overcome as it affects not only health but also career and your relation with others.

To overcome it, keep yourself busy, to an extent that you have no time to be sad. As you know ‘Empty mind is a devil’s workshop’.Explore yourself and your hobbies. Spend more time with family, friends you like to accompany.

Do not dwell in memories. Past has passed, contemplate for tomorrow, do not destroy yourself because today has just begun. It’s a phase and it will get over too. Remember, anything bad doesn’t last long. It takes strength and time, they say, time is the best healer. Take good sleep and you won’t be needing any ant-depressants.

  • Stress 

Another factor that we all face. The same old, same old routine has stressed us out. Stress for  prolonged time can eventually lead to depression and psychiatric disorders. Everyone around us at some or other point in life confronts stress. The reason we are stressed is we worry, we worry more about the future that has not come yet. Life is full of chaos, hurdles, problems.

Life is incomplete without sorrows, hardships, obstacles. There can’t always be win-win situation. Pandora’s box has been opened, there’s no escape. Life is fun with obstacles. Don’t just worry or think too much, overthinking starts it all. Remember it’s all inside your head. You get anxious, panic attacks due to stress.

Once I had to see a patient but I was skeptical, less confident. I thought I was incompetent and so I ruined it. The next time I decided to change my thinking and did my best and Doctors appreciated me for the same. So it’s all in your way of thinking, your approach towards your work. So, be it any problem don’t let depression, stress, anxiety come in your way.

How do you manage stress when in situation, when you know you are gonna pass out. Here are some tips by an expert Doctor and consultant Dr. Arjun Jadhav at Prerna Hospital, I met him as I’m also very anxious person also I needed some tips from him about stress management.

If you do this for 40 days, your life will be in tranquility. Stress is unavoidable distress, but you can face it. Muster up courage and face.
Take deep breaths 

JPMR(Jacobson Muscle Relaxatation Technique) – I have done this exercise , as told by Sir Arjun Jadhav,  he is Diploma in clinical psychology. Aurangabad. And I felt so relaxed after it.

He says, our thoughts provoke us to think negative. Let me share one anecdote,There’s this child at hospital who thinks himself blind because he wants to be blind and he pretends to be one.

Because the ambiance of his house is such, his parents have verbal spat daily and he doesn’t want to see them fighting and he pretends he is blind. So, it’s all psychological , we can control our thoughts. If we think negatively it will affect our body that way. But if we do JPMR we trick our mind in believing we are happy. It gives positive vibes.

To beat depression or stress surround yourselves with people. Fight your heart and take steps into the world bravely and meet people more even if you love solitude and be with good people always this is my last message through this article. Keep yourself occupied, make this your motto of life. Last but not the least, if you are reading this article and you are not a sufferer then please help people in pain.

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Fatima Hashmi

Fatima Hashmi

A doctor to be. Co-author, Vajra World record holder. Tooth fairy with writing skills. " I write I believe, it gives me the freedom to be me."
Sharing is Caring-