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“Depression” is that mental illness by which numerous people are affected. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 300 million people are affected by it worldwide. WHO has also issued a data which states that one in four children in 13-15 age group in India suffers from depression. The main problem associated with it is the lack of awareness. The majority of people believe that illness means only physical ailment.

They cannot think that someone can be mentally ill also, thus, people are not aware that they are in a depression. Depression is easily curable when it is in an early stage, that too without medication. Severe depression can also be treated with some medication and by changing some thought process.

Another problem is people don’t want to go to a psychiatrist because they think that if a person goes to a psychiatrist, it means he is insane. He should be in mental asylum. These wrong beliefs have increased the number of depressed patients.

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Awareness is the first step of a cure for any disease, thus, to get out of the depression, we need to understand first that what is it. When a person has low self-esteem, then, he is in depression.

When a person is not able to find a single moment in which he is happy in a whole day, then, he is in depression. It shows that his life is full of negativity. He is not able to generate a single positive thought. Sometimes, few physical indications are also seen in a depressed person. If a person has a headache, stomach ache, eating disorder etc., but the result of every diagnosis is normal, then that person could be suffering from depression.

Another indication can be when a person feels lonely despite being with his family, friends then also he may be in a depression. Sudden changes in behaviour Could also be an indicator of depression.

Now the question comes how we can identify depression in the early stage. For this, a person needs to keep a track of his thoughts. He needs to know how much time in a day he is jovial or down. If he finds that most of the time in a day, he is sad or not in the mood of doing anything, then, it is the time to work on it.

At first, he needs to change his thoughts. Whenever he feels negative, he should pause for a minute and fill himself with positive thoughts. He should try to find happiness in each situation.

A depressed person lacks love and feels lonely. Here, family and friends can be a supporting pillar. Pets also help a depressed person in getting out of depression because love and affection showered by them make him feel some love and belongingness. By this, he can infuse some positivity in his life. He can find a small reason to live.

Meditation is also helpful in depression as it helps a person to talk to himself. This self-conversation helps him to be mentally strong.  The family should have a friendly relationship with a depressed person so he can freely share his thoughts with them. Remember, depression is that mental illness which is curable. We can treat it with some awareness, love, and companionship. By accepting these methods, a person can save himself from depression.

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Sharing is Caring-