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Wait what?? Shhhhh! Youre not supposed to talk about it, at least not in public.”

“Beta, its not appropriate for girls to talk about these dirty things. Whatll happen if people hear it? Theyll question our sanskar and I dont want your papa and I to be embarrassed in front of everyone.


This is what we have been hearing since a long time. Period talk is considered as ‘dirty talk’.

The blood that flows from our vagina is considered as impure and we girls, are considered as impure during periods.

Why? Because the society thinks that God thinks so. Let me please tell you a secret. If you want the society to follow certain things just label the whole thing with the term God or tradition and watch the magic unfold. The problem is they believe in anything and everything in the name of God / Religion / Tradition. To be honest theyre even ready to kill people in the name of religion.

If you think God exists then I believe you definitely consider humans as Gods creation or his children. So tell me one thing why would he make half of his children pure and half of them impure? Menstruation is just another natural process where a girl becomes matured, she becomes a lady, and she experiences change. She gets familiar with new emotions. Therell be more responsibilities for her to carry. It is the staircase to reproduction. But no, you have actually changed the meaning of menstruation for us. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Menstruation now, is the stage where a girl is humiliated, embarrassed, and separated from the society just because she is bleeding from vagina.[/perfectpullquote]


Tell me one thing, how much pain are you in when you cut yourself and bleed? You know there’s anesthesia for the pain. And you society, expect us to work, do the household work, and everything else, while being humiliated, embarrassed, and if we ever do mention the fact that we are in pain because we are bleeding from a part of our body 24*7 for 3 days straight, you LOSE YOUR SHIT. If you get cut in any part of our body and bleed, do you consider yourself as impure? Do you separate yourself from the society? Then why is bleeding from vagina such a big issue? Why dont you allow us to enter the temple?

And let me tell you one more secret. If you ever have time in your busy schedules, do Google real reasons why we were not allowed inside the temple. There was one which said, ‘Women were not allowed inside the temple and were told to stay at home, and not enter the kitchen, was because they understood what they were going through. So they had these three days to rest, recover, and then resume their routine.


If men understood this then, it brings me to question, ‘Are we really moving forward now?’

It all depends on choosing what to believe in. I choose to believe this theory and I would not be wrong to assume many women also believe it with me.

Rapists, murderers, goons are allowed to enter a temple but a girl on her periods is NOT. ‘Cultures, moral values and sanskar’, you see. But let me tell you one thing if this is what ‘sanskar’ is all about then I am sorry (not really) but, I definitely dont want to be a ‘sanskari girl’.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Basically in India we are more concerned about women entering temples without permission, Than men entering WOMEN without permission. [/perfectpullquote]

Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Taiwan have provision for period leaves. Imagine the horror if this happens in India! Women will be embarrassed, and humiliated if they even think to take a leave because EVERYONE WOULD KNOW THEY ARE ON THEIR PERIODS!

Moreover, South Korea even has a provision of paying women when they do not take their menstrual leave.

These are Asian countries and NOT western countries. Forget leaves, India has still not come around to accept the fact that women bleed and it’s completely natural. You pray for a BOY or even a CHILD.

How would you think that is even possible if we do not go through this natural process? Does God leave a baby at our bedside when we are asleep?

And lastly Durga maa and Laxmi mata are females as well. And you worship them, but when it comes to shaming any other girl, many do not even blink an eye. You ever think you could please them if you continue shaming us girls every chance you get?

Think about it.


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Sharing is Caring-