Sharing is Caring-

Dear men

I never thought I’d say this, but there are a lot of things you need to know and grow. Because when I see at the society, I see same old gatekeepers of patriarchy sitting and waiting to judge every aspect of our lives. From what we wear, to what we eat and from what we eat, to whom we talk to, what our opinions are, we need to think twice before doing any of the above.

Dear men, we are the scary feminist your friends told you about and we don’t hate men. Rather, we make you comfortable in a society where there’s a constant pressure on you to be a Man. We want to share the troubles, see the world just like you do. Equally! Not more, not less.

dear men

Dear men, we don’t want your money or car or anything else. Yes, we probably want a stable career out of someone because that’s what any mature person needs when they are thinking about long term goals and love will go out of windows if there’s isn’t one person who earns in a relationship.

It is well and good if it’s you, but it is also okay if it’s us. We can be the woman of the house too. Earning and making a living for whole family and that’s equally okay. We encourage you to grow in life not because we are after your credit cards, but because we know your worth and we want YOU to know it and trust me. And this will feel like the best time to be alive.

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Dear men, when you criticise women for their figure and looks, remember, we stay silent. Not because we’re not strong enough but because we have the maturity and dignity to know that you’re an imbecile and we stooping to your level isn’t worth it. On behalf of all the silent women, it’s not okay to fat shame or slut shame woman.

You do that too, you already forgot? That girl, who was too good for your standards and narrow-minded, has to be a slut, isn’t it? For the last time, we’re more than our looks, our clothes, our body, our makeup and more and more. We’re more than what you can dream of; we’re more than our worth.


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Sharing is Caring-