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Read the story of a tiff between Young India and elder India.

The gulab jamun had just landed on her tongue but one could sense that her face wasn’t appreciating the delicious taste of it. She gulped the whole round jamun saying ‘get married?’ As her parents had brought their very favorite subject in the middle of the dinner. “You are 25. You should get married.” Her heart stopped beating for a while (don’t think of it, it can’t happen) when she heard the word marriage.

“But I want to be an entrepreneur”, she said giving a look to her parents and brother.

“Toh thik hai na, shadi ke bad kar lena wo anter-funter wala course. Aise bhi tere iss chote bhai ka bhi shouk bhi pura hoga.”

“Shouk?“, he got shocked.

“Photography ka.”

“I’m a cinematographer. It’s my profession, daddd!” the last extra ‘d’s told the entire story. He left the dinner mid-way.

“I think he didn’t like the curry”, father said.

“I don’t think so”, mother said.

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This is the common story of every Indian family. Being a 22-year-old Indian, I know what is the situation of us 20-25 year olds, formerly known as Young India. We all have a well-polished degree in our hands but we are unemployed. The frustration of our parents is justified as well, because they want to see us successful.

But for this generation, is success all about having a well-paid job and a well settled ‘boxed’ life?

For a girl, does success measure by how rich her husband is? Doesn’t she want to build an empire she calls her own?

Yet, we’re stuck in an age where men are supposed to work and women are supposed to do house work? Certainly not! If we see, there are more successful women than men. But for our parents, the well-known Marathi proverb applies, ‘Shivaji janmava pun shejarchya gharat.’ (means Shivaji, the Great King, ought to be born but in the neighbour’s house.)

Yes, we all want a change maker, an influencer. But we don’t want them to be in our house.

We want young India to take risk to form a new India, but he/she should not be our own child.

Despite massive unemployment, and the frustration, our youth are more creative, more problem solving and go-getters than they ever have been, more than anyone ever has been.

For parents, the worry is natural. No parent wants to see you unhappy and unsuccessful. They are right at their own end. They share their own experiences and suggest us to not make the same mistakes they had made.


But the good news is; we are not committing mistakes. We are pouring solid concrete in the new base of India.

Our goals are changing.

  •   Getting married before 30, having two kids and doing what you really don’t like to do for your entire life is not something we are likely to do.
  •   Money isn’t our attraction anymore. Young India is breaking barriers and finding, and if some have found, then getting busy in things that make us happy, that make us healthy, that make this society liveable.
  •   We believe in finding solutions via entrepreneurship rather being a part of problems.  We believe in helping each other, move forward together, work together, and reduce the problems India has.
  •  Girls in jeans are rocking the male dominated world. And if you think they are uncultured, then I pity your thinking. It’s our mistake that we were so late to push them forward otherwise India would have been a superpower by now. Yes, they are open-minded, more sophisticated and too smart to handle. They are all-rounders, leading young India, and preserving our own CULTURE as well.  It’s time to rethink, ‘Do we really want to put our talented and visionary girls, in a kitchen? ‘ Won’t it be a waste of talent our nation has?          

Dreams and achievements of Young India will be meaningless unless you don’t support them. We have energy, you have life experience. We are trying to give a life to you and of course to our next generation. A life we never had.

And together, we can. Just one command, ‘Go live your life to the fullest. WE TRUST YOU YOUNG INDIA!

Sharing is Caring-