Sharing is Caring-

Have ever pondered as to why sometimes, things don’t really work out properly despite the ordeals you faced? Have you ever got grumpy over simple things in life frequently? Have you ever looked at someone with so much awe Self-love that you ended up cursing yourself for not being so? Have you ever mused that you are unworthy in life?

If you could respond ‘yes’ to all these negative interrogations, then this article is all for you. Self-love is not just loving you but accepting the quirks of yourselves. Our quirks define us so does Self-love. The way you love, accept, admire and flutter high all by yourself is known as self-love.

Amidst the chaotic world we live in where pomp and gaiety is expected everywhere, we fail badly in accepting ourselves. Many of us are great fanatics of athletes, celebrities, singers, musicians, artists etc… But are you a fan of yourself?


Undoubtedly most people would say a big ‘no’. But loving yourself before anyone else doesn’t just improve you as a person but it also shapes your destiny. When you start embracing yourselves despite the challenges you undergo or underwent life would be much easier. A physically handicapped person doesn’t always blame himself but he accepts himself and strives to be even better despite the odds. They are the epitomes of ‘self-love’.


When you curse yourself for the problems you face, you end up suffocating yourself with more negativity. So accept what life has served you and tackle it independently without blaming. Life would become much easier. Some people may take this to be an act of selfishness. But it’s truly not.

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Self-love could be any act of love or respect you show on yourselves despite those who blame you. There can be hundreds of people to blame and criticize you but there can only be very less people to love you. So start loving yourselves more that you don’t put yourselves in such a place where somebody has to preach you about self-love. So, be you and embrace yourselves…..


Sharing is Caring-